Realistic Teeth by Anton0028 and Brumbek
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Added: 11/03/2013 - 05:09AM
Updated: 07/06/2015 - 11:23PM

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Uploaded by Brumbek


Last updated at 23:23, 7 Jun 2015 Uploaded at 5:09, 11 Mar 2013

Current Version: 1.32 - May 14, 2015

Skyrim uses flat 2D teeth "strips" for human and elf races by default. Realistic Teeth changes the teeth to high-polygon, detailed 3D teeth to enhance your human and elf discourse experience.

Realistic Teeth includes all human and elven races (including Vampire variants). Currently Realistic Teeth does NOT cover Children, Orcs, Argonians, Khajiits, or Werewolfs.

If you use any mod that adds custom faces for human or elven NPCs, those NPCs' teeth will not animate unless you use a compatibility patch (view the issue here). There is an semi-automated tool for creating a patch that you can download under the "Optional files" section.

It has come to my attention that some NPC mods use custom teeth textures, which the Realistic Teeth converter cannot account for and
will fail to convert. The workaround is to first open the custom face mesh and redirect the teeth textures to the default teeth textures (textures\actors\character\mouth\ Then the converter will work.

Mods with Realistic Teeth Patches

Fang Replacer for Realistic Teeth
Consistent Older People
Follower Facelifts
Ethereal Elven Overhaul (Patch located on Realistic Teeth's Files section.)
ApachiiSkyHair NPC Overhaul (Patch located on Realistic Teeth's Files section.)
Eyrniel Elf Reborn (Patch located on Realistic Teeth's Files section.)

Alternative Teeth Mods

Smile HD - A simple texture replacer that looks quite nice.
Teeth Plus - A really high-quality texture replacer that is the closest to 3D teeth with only changing the texture.


Anton0028 used his genius technical skills to get the teeth to integrate into the Skyrim face system.
Brumbek designed, modeled, and textured the actual realistic teeth model.
Thank you NickSully for making the .esp that makes Serana a vampire!
Thank you beazalbob69 for making the less gapped teeth versions.

Note, this mod is based on Brumbek's Realistic Teeth Dragon Age mod.