Muscular Women - Armours by Elmanouche and GrillmeisterDX
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Added: 22/03/2013 - 12:20AM
Updated: 17/02/2014 - 07:58AM

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Last updated at 7:58, 17 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 0:20, 22 Mar 2013

Version: 2.4.0a
Date: 03/22/2013
Category: Armours
Requirements: Skyrim, Muscular Women
Recommended: Female Muscle Mod, Xenius Character Enhancement, Muscular Women - SleekSteel
Author: Elmanouche, GrillmeisterDX

  • added Dragonbone armour (V3 body)
  • added Dragonscale armour (V3 body)
  • added Studded armour (V3 body)
  • added fineclothes01 (V3 body)
  • added fineclothes02 (V3 body)
  • added minerclothes (V3 body)

All those armours/clothing are brought to you by GrillmeisterDX.

UPDATEuploaded a new archive, with minerclothes inside.

A surprise.

Note : 1 mesh = _0.nif + _1.nif

This mod convert vanilla armours to Muscular Women body.

My package is NMM ready with installation script.

Please upload screen-shots if you like, I got lazy on that side.

  • Bandit armor
  • Dragonbone armor
  • Dragonscale armor
  • Dwarven armor - revealing only
  • Elven armor - revealing only
  • Ebony armor + revealing
  • Glass armor + revealing
  • Hide/leather armor
  • Imperial armor
  • Iron armor
  • Nightingale armor
  • Nordplate armor + revealing
  • Orcish armor + revealing
  • Savior's Hide
  • Steel Armor + revealing
  • Stormcloak and city guards armor.
  • Studded armor

  • Barkeeper robes
  • Blacksmith apron
  • Fineclothes01
  • Fineclothes02
  • Forsworn armor
  • Mage Apprentice
  • Mage Journeyman
  • Minerclothes
  • Monk
  • Nocturnal dress
  • Prisoner's clothes
  • Wench outfit - tavern's robes

0. Install Muscular Women
1. Add MW - Armours mod to NMM, by clicking Download with manager button or Add mod from file in NMM.
2. Activate MW - Armours and choose your options in the scripted installation.
3 - Play.

Deactivate my mod in NMM

Manual Install
For manual installation, please read the README provided in the readme tab of this mod page.

Muscular Women

List of issues I'm aware of :
  • Forsworn Armor is clipping, can be seen with mod removing the feather texture.
  • Fur bikini gap
  • Dwemer and Elven armours are Bingles buff version. I need to do vanila one, which wasn't working.
  • Revealing dwemer is too much cut, adjustment need to be made
  • Shoulders cliping over fur on Steel plate armour

Bethesda : for this marvelous sandbox
Thanks to SkyrimNexus for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to Tigersan for letting me use his textures. (muscular effect)
Thanks to Bingles for his Bingles buff female armor.
Thanks to GrillmeisterDX for coming offering your hand and doing so well.
Thanks to Caliente for his Nifcleaner tool.
Thanks to wysiwyg for the help and support he provided.

You can do anything with this, just credit me and let me know, even more if you want to convert or create armor for it, so I can link to your mod here.
DON'T upload this mod on Steam Workshop or any other modding community.