Triple Souls Plus Summoned Host Spells by Rooker
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Hi everybody,

Sorry for the long absence. I had a house fire and my gaming PC got destroyed. I've only just gotten internet access again in the last week or so.

Unfortunately, the PC I'm using for the moment doesn't have anywhere near the hardware needed to play Skyrim, much less use the Creation Kit, so I can no longer create or update mods. It will be several months before I have the money to afford a proper gaming rig again.

What that means is, this mod and all the others I've published here are now in their final state and cannot be updated again, at least not by me.

With that being the case, if someone wants to take over the mod and keep updating it and improving it, they have my blessing. Just make sure I'm credited as the original modder is all I ask.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it really couldn't be helped.


Triple Souls Plus Summoned Host Spells

What It Does:
The Conjuration perk "Twin Souls" is now "Triple Souls" and allows three simultaneous summons. If you are installing to a game where you have already taken "Twin Souls," it is automagically converted into "Triple Souls."

Three new Master-level Conjuration spells are added: Conjure Elemental Host, Conjure Storm Host and Conjure Dremora Host.

Conjure Storm and Dremora Host summons three Storm Atronachs or Dremora Lords. Conjure Elemental Host conjures one Flame, one Frost and one Storm Atronach. If you have the Elemental Potency perk, the Potent version of Atronachs are summoned.

These spells are all available from Phinis Gestor, immediately after completing the Conjuration Ritual Spell quest. The Master Conjuration perk reduces magicka cost (and that cost is really high). The Triple Souls perk is not actually required to cast the spells, but only one creature will be summoned without it.

If you have other mods that alter the merchant list for master-level spells, they may conflict. Change your load order to move the other mods *below* this one, so that the other mods loads *after* this one. The spell tomes should still be available for sale.

If you have other mods that alter the Conjuration Ritual Quest, they may be incompatible with this mod.