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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Crafting 300: Armoury of Tamriel, 1.16.1
This is an update version & requires versions 1.0 and all in-between updates.

Mod created by the Armory of Tamriel Team,
-Baratan (aka. ByblosHex)

'Better Shaped Weapons' meshes By,
'Maker's Mark Ingots' By,
-Omni Mike

Special Thanks to,
-Bethsoft Game Studio
-Our Fans on the Bethsoft forums & The Skyrim Nexus for their endless support!
--Prateem, Ysne58, PewPewLazehs, Eloquate, Schitzoflink, Scion-of-Fenrir, Imp of the Perverse, Arctorius!
-My Girlfriend, for not murdering my computer.
Installation instructions
-Manual Installation
1- Extract the archive to your "Skyrim/Data" folder.
2- Enable Crafting300.esp
3- Launch Skyrim

-Nexus Mod Manager Installation
When installing and asked if update choose "no" then choose "yes" when asked to overwrite

-SkyRe Users
Be sure to use ReProccer & Wrye Bash!
Mod Description
This mod is a complete weapons & smithing overhaul. This mod adds countless new weapons to the game through crafting and leveled lists.
All of the new weapons and Vanilla weapons are retextured and have new material specific shaders and environment maps.

Hundreds of new weapons, craftable and found throughout the world!
-Weapon material & style are now independent of each other. Not all Orcish swords are made from orichalcum, and not all orichalcum swords are made in the Orcish style!
-Choose your weapons' style and materials independently of each other.
-All of the new weapons are craftable by the player at the forge and can be found throughout the game world wherever you'd expect to find weapons.
-Weapon material progression is no longer as linear, you don't need to chose to specialize in smithing heavy or light, you can mix and match.
-Style has subtle effects on weapon stats independent of material. No style is better than any other, but each has their own unique stats and advantages.
-Materials are learned by unlocking perks, style by finding or purchasing smithing books.

Unique Unique Weapons!
Named weapons have been given a makeover. If it's a unique weapon it now looks unique.

Dragon-Rune Crafting!
-Craft magical swords and greatswords (54 in all) using Ancient Dragon-Runes to give elemental power to your weapons without use of Enchanting.
-Dragon-Runes can be found in Ancient Nord ruins, especially in the hoards kept by Draugr Bosses.
-Dragon-Rune crafting is an alternative form of weapon enchantment that functions without the use of the enchanting table.
-Unlocked by finding or purchasing a book on Dragon-Runes.
-Dragon-Runes may occasionally be found for sale in shops.

New weapon Improvement system!
-Weapon's are upgraded at the sharpening wheel using gem dust.
-Gem dust can be produced at the forge using gemstones.
-Gem dust may also be found in shops and dungeons.
-More expensive gem dust is required to upgrade more powerful weapons.

New textures & shaders for all of the vanilla weapons!
-All Vanilla weapons are retextured and have new material specific shaders and environment maps.
-This includes all Vanilla basic weapons, Vanilla Unique weapons and Vanilla artifact weapons.
-Queen Freydis sword now looks fit for a queen! As an example.

New in this Version
Armoury of Tamriel, 1.16.1
-Found and corrected an error in filepaths for Nordic Broasword meshes.

Armoury of Tamriel, 1.16
-New meshes, textures, normal maps, environment maps and glow maps for all Ornate Broadsword variants.

Armoury of Tamriel, 1.15
-New meshes, textures, normal maps, environment maps and glow maps for Chillrend and Herebane's Courage artifacts.

Armoury of Tamriel, 1.14
-New, meshes textures, normal maps and environment maps for all altmeri broadsword variants.
-New, normal maps and environment maps for all altmeri greatsword variants.
-New, mesh for Grimsever.

Armoury of Tamriel, 1.13
-New, textures for all altmeri greatsword variants.
-New, texture for Magebane artifact.

Armoury of Tamriel, 1.12
-New, glowing textures for Grimsever artifact weapon.
-New, glowing textures for Dwemer Flamesword
-New, normal & environment maps for nordic sword, nordic greatsword, nordic scabbard, ancient sword, ancient greatsword, dunmer sword, dunmer greatsword, altmer greatsword, dremora sword, dremora greatsword
-New, textures for all dunmer sword scabbard variants.
-New, texture for Balgruuf's Greatsword artifact, Bi-Polar Blade artifact, Bloodskaal Blade artifact, Clanbringer artifact, Lunar Sword artifact, Queen Freydis' Sword artifact, Shadowsting artifact and Spirit Eater artifact.
-Fixed, mesh error for nordic steel sword scabbard error.

Armoury of Tamriel, 1.11
-Updated, Esp tweaks, changes, corrections, updates.
-New, meshes from better shaped weapons for all Dunmer sword & greatsword variants.
-New, Glow-mapped textures & meshes for Daedric nordic; ancient; dremora & dunmer swords and greatswords.
-New, glow-mapped textures for the Pale Blade artifact.

Armoury of Tamriel, 1.10
-Perk Tree changes removed. With there being so many different re-balance mods out there chances are most users are overwriting them anyway.
-New, Meshes from "Better Shaped Weapons" included for Nordic, Dremora, Ancient & Dunmer swords and Greatswords!
-New, textures for Nordic, Dremora, Ancient, Dunmer & Basic swords and Greatswords!
-Updated, Esp changes include update to certain weapon names and tags

Contact Info
Questions/Comments and fellow modders welcome to contact me at ByblosHex At

For downloading and installing this modification I ask you to...
-Do not sell any of the contents of this archive or the archive as a whole.
-Do not share or otherwise redistribute any of the archive's contents or the archive as a whole without permission form the author.
-Do read the Read-me

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