Conjure Bound Woodcutter Axe by Rooker
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Added: 27/12/2012 - 11:32PM
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Hi everybody,

Sorry for the long absence. I had a house fire and my gaming PC got destroyed. I've only just gotten internet access again in the last week or so.

Unfortunately, the PC I'm using for the moment doesn't have anywhere near the hardware needed to play Skyrim, much less use the Creation Kit, so I can no longer create or update mods. It will be several months before I have the money to afford a proper gaming rig again.

What that means is, this mod and all the others I've published here are now in their final state and cannot be updated again, at least not by me.

With that being the case, if someone wants to take over the mod and keep updating it and improving it, they have my blessing. Just make sure I'm credited as the original modder is all I ask.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it really couldn't be helped.


Adds a spell to conjure a woodcutter's axe for two minutes. The spell can be cast in either hand, but the axe will only appear in the right hand. It is a Novice-level conjuration spell and is affected by the Novice Conjuration perk.

A spell tome can be found at a shrine to Talos located just off the road between the Guardian Stones and Falkreath (See screenshots on mod page).

The conjured axe will act exactly like a regular woodcutter's axe. Just remember that the wood chopping animation forces you to sheathe all weapons, so you will need to cast the spell again when the animation ends if you want to chop more wood.

The following two mods seem to be compatible, if you want to chop a lot of firewood but don't want to cast the spell over and over:
More Firewood Per Chop
Nonstop Firewood Cutting

Version 1.2.1 should be mostly compatible with Frostfall. You will be able to chop wood at a chopping block normally, either with the bound axe or any of the axes from Frostfall. Frostfall's "Harvest Firewood" feature does *not* recognize the bound wood axe currently, so you'd need an actual axe to use it. I plan to work on that problem.

Versions 1.0 and 1.1 are incompatible with Frostfall.

1.2.1 ACTUALLY fixed incompatibility with Frostfall.
1.2 Fixed incompatibility with Frostfall Except not really. Update to 1.2.1
1.1 Corrected a problem where the spell was adding an actual wood axe to the inventory and leaving it behind.