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Last updated at 7:38, 18 Jul 2016 Uploaded at 7:09, 7 Jun 2013

TO LPHB users wishing to upgrade: If you have the older Lakeview Pool and Hot Bath,
please deactivate and uninstall LPHB (including the tower and fence option add-on) first before using this mod.


AVANT GARDEN is an evolutionary next step of the well-known Lakeview Pool and Hot Bath add-on, which uses many of the ideas and concepts that I implemented in other mods for Windstad and Heljarchen.

For this version, the pool, hot baths and the bar/kitchenette (in my country, we call it a "dirty kitchen") are retained in pristine condition, but the optional watchtower and fence has been removed (personally, they look more like eyesores) in favor of a fully-integrated garden, and a complete perimeter fence.

  • Self-Contained and Non-Gamebreaking -- Avant Garden is highly separate and does not interfere with Lakeview's programming or your ability to purchase and build the home, and it does NOT contain Papyrus scripts of any kind.
  • TES5edit Cleaned -- to ensure quality, this mod has been checked and cleaned before release.
  • The Pool and Hot Bath -- In addition to a miniature waterfall built into the famed pool, there's an integrated heating system for Frostfall users (a performance version is also available for those who do not use Frostfall or have FPS issues).
  • The Garden -- replacing the fence and the watchtower, it now has many of the known native plant species in Skyrim, for both alchemy and cooking purposes. There's also a workstation for making potions and enchanting, and for combat practice there's a trio of dummies and an archery target. It's also a great place to relax and have an intimate moment, all the while savoring spirits under a moonlit sky.
  • A Better View of Lake Iinalta -- several trees, which normally obstruct the view of Lake Iinalta, have been disabled (rather than deleted) from sight.
  • The Perimeter Fence -- to ensure complete security around the manor, a perimeter fence has been installed, along with three gates for personal access (horse-friendly too!) and night lighting. With My Home is Your Home, a follower can be assigned to guard the smaller gates in the southwest.
  • Optimized Lighting -- each light source is tuned and positioned carefully to ensure a good balance of performance and lighting coverage.
  • Follower-Friendly -- the hand-edited navmesh ensures that followers can walk after you, and allows full functionality with My Home is Your Home and other follower mods. There are also some spots where your follower can lean on the railings or on the wall or sit cross-legged.
  • Great with Tropical Skyrim -- certain plants and trees (normally insignificant or smaller in vanilla Skyrim) that I specifically selected and placed in certain spots, when use in conjunction with Tropical Skyrim, brings alive the green lushness of a rainforest (as shown in the screenshots).
  • Compatible with Vanilla Skyrim -- if you worry about appearances, don't fret, this mod will NOT look out of place in Vanilla Skyrim (as I edited the mod in CK, there's still the vanilla pine trees and plants).
  • Outhouse by Stroti and Tamira -- replaces the firewood chopboard and axe to the side of the outdoor kitchen.
  • (New) User Planters -- Now you can plant anything you want around the garden!
  • (New) Wheat Mill -- This time you can make your own flour!
  • (New) Auto-strip/Auto-equip -- Followers can now bathe with you, and yes, re-equip afterwards!

System Requirements:
Because of the large amount of objects, effects and activators used, hence causing some framerate lag/performance problems to lower-spec systems, I recommend using this mod with the following system specs:

  • CPU: Multi-core processors (from dual-core and onwards)
  • Memory: 4gb of RAM and above
  • Video card: GPUs that are more recent and powerful than the Radeon HD7750 I use right now; 1gb of DDR3 VRAM or greater, with 128-bit bandwidth and above, and updated drivers (I use Catalyst 14.9 at the moment).

There is a performance version available, but if this mod is continually causing performance problems, it is advisable to uninstall the mod.

    To remove the trees or the logs below the pool, you can open up the console, click on the eyesores (be a little careful, though, by coming close enough) and as soon as the object ID comes up, type the command disable. More quicker than the other command. The result is a better view of the lake.If you have the mod My Home is Your Home, followers can be assigned as guards and posted at the gates to increase security within the compound.

  • This mod requires Skyrim Update or 1.9, and the Hearthfire DLC installed. Things might get nasty if you don't have both.
  • NOT COMPATIBLE with Private Needs due to that it uses a modification of Stroti's outhouse by attaching a script to it, a different keyword, and requiring another mod for it to be functional.
  • NOT COMPATIBLE with Hearthfire Extended

WARNING: other Lakeview mods -- this includes revamp, expansion, extended mods -- which outright alter the navmesh or the physical appearance of the cell (-3,-17) -- such as disabling or deleting vanilla objects -- may not work with Avant Garden.
  • Frostfall 2.0 and above: If you're about to use the pool with the hardest settings, try to lower it so that immersion shock should be down to the minimum, or disable Frostfall temporarily, and in an emergency I've installed enough braziers for immediate recovery.
  • Lakeview Manor Lights: Except for one lamppost by the poolside (it's possible to select and disable it using the same method for obstructing trees), works perfectly.
  • Lakeview Manor Road: This mod slightly rearranges the log pile below, but otherwise it's fully compatible.
  • Lakeview Manor Dock and Shack: Fully compatible.
  • Lakeview Manor Fish Hatchery plus opt Mill: according to the author, his mod should be loaded last after all other Lakeview mods. However, due to the altered layout the flour mill may not work with Avant Garden.
  • CarlZilla's Home Construction and Decoration and Jaxonz Positioner: If you prefer a one-of-a-kind DIY homestead, you can easily position your prefab home in the middle and near the pool, and then build the estate around it. I'd say no limits to imagination!
  • Unofficial Skyrim/Dawnguard/Hearthfire Patch: Fully compatible (and I'm using them all).
  • Skyrim Flora Overhaul: results may vary depending on any of the three versions made by Vurt, but it should not cause any performance problems.
  • Seasons of Skyrim - Springtime Overhaul: Highly compatible.
  • Tropical Skyrim: I've installed certain trees or plants that, if used together with this mod, will achieve the same appearance as shown in the screenshots.

For any issues, please leave a message (if it's a glitch, describe it in full) at the comments section or PM me; I'll try to resolve them as much as possible. If your native language is not English, use Google Translate or Bing Translator.

  • Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer: After downloading, find the mod and activate it to install.
  • Manual: open the 7zip folder, then drag and drop the .ESP file into Skyrim's Data folder. 

TO LPHB users wishing to upgrade: If you have the older Lakeview Pool and Hot Bath, please deactivate and uninstall that (including the tower and fence option add-on) first before using this mod.

You can deactivate and uninstall from NMM, or manually delete the mod (the filename is HF_Lakeview_AvantGarden.esp and HF_Lakeview_AvantGarden.BSA). Just make sure you make a new gamesave inside any interior before uninstallation.

Upgrade (if it happens):
Almost the same as uninstallation; save the game in any interior first, and then just overwrite the .ESP file.

  • In NMM, activate the new version and it'll ask you to overwrite; select Yes.
  • For manual upgrading, open the 7zip file, click and drag over the .esp files to the data folder and overwrite the old .esp.

The idea of completely remaking the older Pool and Hot Bath mod came after making those for Windstad and Heljarchen. Deciding that the watchtower is more of an eyesore, I went out and laid in a completely new structure extending the original pool structure, before adding the garden and, to fulfill user needs, a perimeter fence that encompasses the entire manor.

As for naming the mod, well, figuring that in order to stand out, I remembered about an Aerosmith song -- Avant Garden -- from the album Just Push Play, and picked that name because the first time I tested the mod (with Tropical Skyrim and True Vision ENB), I was completely stunned by the lush beauty of the garden.

Stroti/Tamira for Outdoor Toilet (Outhouse) mod resource + washbasin (TESA).
InsanitySorrow for Towel/laundry/soap/clothesline/water mesh resources (TESA).
Runspect for Garden/waterpump/flowerpot resources (TESA).

Any planned changes to this mod will require my express permission, but redistribution or uploading of this mod to sites other than Nexus and without my authorization is prohibited.