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Other "laser" spell mods don't come with this crappy texture.
This spell is left over from a failed attempt to get Iron Man into Skyrim. Try it out if you like killing things NOW.

[Repulsor Staff]
Added a staff with the repulsor flames enchanted into it. This is independent of the other files. use with the spells mod, or without. In my game the staff also works like a torch to some degree, giving off light to illuminate the area.

[Repulsor Beam 0_2]
Added Belethor in Whiterun as a vendor and put some crappy textures on the books so they stand out better.

[Repulsor Beam file]
Books are located in the Breezehome, on the floor, right as you come in. The ck can be easily used if you desire something more "realistic".
It is one handed and constant as long as you hold the button.
Two spells. One is fire, the other is electricity. They both do butt loads of damage.
Install with NMM or unpack with Winrar and put the esp. into the Data folder. Tick the box in launcher. Kill.

useful info

I'm sure that if you go to your skyrimPrefs.ini and under [Display] change "bDeferredShadows=1 to 0 you will get cast light from the repulsor beams and staff. I do in my game.

The Creation Kit is an invaluable resource in modding. If you want to make your own laser style mod the spell should have DA09LightBeamEffect as the top effect on the spell's list.

If you rather have fire n forget version, I suggest Iron Man Repulsor Spell by MortyFortyTwo. He has cool sound effects.