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Mod reviews

*File is available for download again, however, I won't be updating it. I am redoing something similar from scratch that should have minimum needs of dialogs or npc. I am currently unavailable through the Nexus PM system, if you have any questions, leave it in the comments or follow my facebook page and comment there(link should be around here somewhere.I haven't modded in more than 2 years so the remake of this mod will take a while to do, if you want to know how it is going, just watch littleork1990 twitch when I do modding session. This version of the mod is still available if a modder wants to take it over.

This mod adds new jobs for you to do for better immersion-roleplaying. This is a work in progress, voice acting isn't included yet. I suggest using Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice by shadeMe until voice acting is fully included.

*Uploaded the current included VA, see credits for the actual voice actors names ( only the voice actors included in this release are marked). If you aren't satisfied with the voice acting just remove JobsofSkyrim.esp folder from Data/Sound/Voice.

BEFORE COMMENTING ABOUT THE VA: Be aware that I am quite content with their work and that I stand behind what they did, if you don't like it, just don't use it. I won't be using new voice actors just to please everyone, this mod was made for myself so if I am happy with the results, that's how it is gonna stay.

-Fix punctuation in the Necromancer quest.
-Fix objectives in the Thief and Guard quests that wouldn't disapear after completion.
-Margret should no longer be chosen as a quest target.

-Add the following jobs:
Dragon hunter
Hall of the dead worker
Hired thief

-Add schedule for most of the assassin quest target.
-Change quest giver for quests that were using vanilla npcs.
-Fix Riverwood's fisherman and Whiterun's delivery woman positions.
-The Job book is now available in all inns.
-The Job book now include reset stages ids for self-debugging.

Jobs and npcs:


-Bounty hunter
-Delivery man
-Dragon hunter
-Drug dealer\'s employee
-Hall of the dead worker
-Hired Assassin
-Hired thief
-Merchant assistant
-Tax collector

Npcs: Fisherman,pelt buyer; those 2 npcs will buy your pelts and fishes for a better price, some hides aren't included yet.

-I highly suggest NMM if you intend to use the loose files since it will make it a lot easier to uninstall the mod and making sure that every script is removed.

-To avoid conflicts with mods that change the amount of materials needed to do an item, I did my own custom recipes, so it is important to pay attention to what is actually asked, the best example is the blacksmith quest, they ask you to make a smithed x, the recipe you need to do is the smithed version that was added by me, not the vanilla one, if you do the wrong one, the quest won't turn in.

-You might notice that some quest don't have a marker for when you have to go back to turn, this is because you can turn it to any eligible quest giver which means that even if you took the quest in riverwood, you could go turn it to the same npc in rorikstead. Quests that have to be turned to a specific npc will always have a marker on them.

-For alchemy and enchanting, the quest is being done by having you do the potion/enchantment through a custom craft station ie:a satchel for alchemy and a *Daedric hand* for enchanting so make sure to look at the objectives markers properly since they will lead you to the good crafting station to make the job work properly.

-latest patch

Bsa version:
1-Extract the files to your skyrim folder.
2-Enable JobsofSkyrim in your launcher

To uninstall:
1.Remove JobsofSkyrim.esp,JobsofSkyrim.bsa and JobsofSkyrim.seq in DATA/SEQ folder

Loose files:
1-download using nmm
2-Enable JobsofSkyrim in Mods tab

To uninstall:
1-In the mod tab of NMM, select the mod
2-Click on the X button on the side


In the past, there was 2 mods that some people had issues with when using Jobs of Skyrim, Build your own home and Banks of Skyrim, I tried both of them and didn't had any issues. My guess is that there is another mod that make them conflicts.So if they don't work together for you, feel free to pm me your load order so I can look for similarities between incompatible load orders.


How does it work?
-The way it work is that there is some npcs spread out around the province that will give you different radiants quest to do, so if you don't like fetching, repetitive, simple quests, this mod might not be for you.The current version give you unlimited quests so it can be overpowered for enchanting/blacksmithing and alchemy jobs.The final release will include an hardcore version and a limited version.

Where can i find those npcs?
-All around, Innkeepers will give you a book with all the locations for free.

Are you going to update this?
-Yes, this isn't a final release and there is possibly bugs, I wanted to make sure to make a release with all the jobs so if I was to abandon this mod, someone could take over to keep it updated.

What happened to the farm,alchemy shop and forge?
-They have been removed, they will be in a new serie of mods called Businesses of Skyrim.

-All the people who have been supporting me while working on this project,specific names come to mind like RGGDale,Thoragoros,Listerx,Agunsthemagi and all the rest of nexus,steam workshop community.

-Ghosu for his sewing machine meshes and textures.

-My voice actors:Susan York,Mr. K,Lars August Jørgensen,Aranas23

-Bethesda for giving players the abilities to mod the game through the creation kit.

-My husband for his never-ending support.