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Added: 17/09/2012 - 12:10AM
Updated: 25/06/2016 - 05:47PM

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Last updated at 17:47, 25 Jun 2016 Uploaded at 0:10, 17 Sep 2012

This is the simplest, most barebones FPS counter for Skyrim I could come up with.

Although this is a SKSE plugin, you can use this mod without SKSE if you install the Winmm Plugin Loader

This mod will draw a FPS counter in the top-right corner of your screen during gameplay, it's purpose it's to allow you to check the performance of your setup, you can use it to actually measure the impact of any changes you make to the game, be it mods, settings or whatever, it has been designed to be as little intrusive as possible and to run as fast as I could make it to run.

I have checked if there could be any compatibility issues with other mods that work in a similar way, like for example the great ENB from Mr. Boris Vorontsov, FRAPS, or Script Dragon and made the necessary changes to allow for simultaneous execution.

Update 2.1:
  • FXAA fix.
  • I haven't been playing Skyrim for a long time, I was buried in work for months, after the pressure started to recede, the only game I was looking forward to play was Dead Space 3. The problem with that game is, that although the scenery was amazing, there was no way to take screenshots, so I thought, heh, lets make some fast modifications to my FPS counter, I'll be taking pictures in under an hour. LOL. Boy was I mistaken, not only it wasn't showing on the screen, there were no errors, everything was perfect, I hate it when that happens. That meant something wasn't working as I thought, directx is an incredibly complex beast and my knowledge about it is somewhat limited. So I set out to solve this problem, it took me 11 hours straight to finally realize what was happening and more importantly why. After reading a ton of documentation, setting debug logs and trampolines everywhere, I ended up knowing quite a lot about the problem and thus I was able at last to devise a solution, and it worked. Taking screenshots is an easy task, I knew that from the very begining, what really buggered me was the counter not showing on the screen, that was the fix, so I made a solution for that and realized the people at nexus would like the new system, that's why I released 2.0, I hadn't sleep much so I had to release 2.0.1, then I went to sleep, proud of my victory and without having played at anything at all. When I woke up, it came to me that I could make the counter even better, in fact all that new knowledge was telling me I could solve all currently standing problems, like the FXAA incompatibility, and so I made 2.1 This IS my recommended version, it works with FXAA and will work with any other injectors, it is the safest and most efficient, faster version I have made to date. It will work with all Directx9 games, for other games not Skyrim, you must use my Winmm Plugin Loader and put FPSCounter.dll in a path Data\SKSE\Plugins relative to where the executable for that game is located.

Update 2.0.1:
  • Corrected a problem with the counter not showing correct numbers.

Update 2.0:
  • Added the option to save screenshots in jpg format, default key is numpad minus.
  • Changed the drawing process, as it is now, the wpl and the counter can be used in all directx9 games that depend on winmm.dll, already checked on a few like ie: DS3 ;)

Update 1.9:
  • Added the option to change the location of the counter, default key is '0' on the numpad, default position remains top-right, you can cycle between the corners to set the counter where you want it.

Update 1.8:
  • Added the option to change the process priority of the game and all its running threads. A small dot will appear before the numbers when this option is activated, default activation key is '+' on the numpad, the activation key can be changed by setting HighPriorityKey, the option setting will be saved to disk (HighPriority), by default it comes deactivated. This option can make the game run somewhat better depending on how many programs you have running in the background, it is the same as using the task manager to set the priority of tesv.exe to high, with the small difference that this option will also elevate the priority of all running threads inside the game, do not expect a massive anything from this, as I said it will depend on how loaded is your system, a clean reboot with only the game running will see almost no difference, a heavily loaded system with a lot of apps running can get a few frames more.

Update 1.7:
  • Changed the way the counter keeps track of time to prevent problems on machines with a faulty performace counter.

Update 1.6:
  • I've modified the initial patching process to make sure the counter always works.

Update 1.5:
  • Added the option to change the toggle button key, by default is '/' on the numpad, you can set your own in the ini file by changing the ToggleKey value, normal letters and numbers are allowed, numpad keys too, if you choose a letter not supported it will revert to its default value.

Update 1.4.1:
  • Added code to allow the WPL to load the plugin, this update is for those that don't use SKSE

Update 1.4:
  • Added the option to remove the text "FPS" and make the counter draw only the number part, it can be configured in the ini file by setting DrawStringFPS=0

Update 1.3.1:
  • Recompiled the library against the same directx sdk that the game uses.

Update 1.3:
  • Adjusted the position and the way the counter chooses font sizes to prevent partial overlapping of the current location game message.
  • Added more granularity to the adaptive font size selector and made it to choose smaller font sizes.
  • The font can be changed by writing the name in the file FPSCounter.ini located in the same path as the library (Skyrim installation dir)\Data\SKSE\Plugins, the file will be created automatically by the library when the game is loaded.

Update 1.2:
  • Redone the whole drawing and injection system to fix the counter not showing on fullscreen mode.
  • Font size will adapt itself depending on game resolution.

Update 1.1:
  • Added a toggle button for the counter: The division key on the numeric keypad '/'.
  • Added functionality to save the toggle button setting to disk.
  • Made changes to the drawing routine to make it a little faster.

If you are interested, you can check my other mods.

Best regards.