Alchemy Tomes by Fyrelady and Dehuman
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15/05/13 - Most work on this file is now being handled by Dehuman. - Any questions/comments, please direct them to him as I rarely come onto the Skyrim nexus any more. Thanks, Fyre.

Alchemy Tomes v0.7
by Fyrelady & Dehuman

Note: I offer no illusions that the information within the books is complete or entirely accurate - I'm currently play-testing this myself (hence it's not version 1+). Some potions/poisons listed may not work until after you acquire certain perks, such as purity. I appreciate all feedback if you spot anything listed that requires certain perks etc so I can update them :)

New in 0.7:
- Lami in Morthal now sells tomes
- "Order & Import" system
Each alchemist that sells the tomes now has a chance to sell order slips each called "Order: " Not all ingredients have slips, and some may not appear until you are a higher level, or have certain perks.
You can buy one of these slips, for example "Order: 10 Daedra Heart" and take it to one of the new log books added at the Windhelm and Solitude docks (both just outside the entrances to the East Empire Company)
Note that in order to actually see anything in these books you must have an order slip in your inventory.


Have you ever wanted to know exactly how to make a certain potion? Maybe see alternative ingredients for potions you already know? Ever wanted to know where to find a certain ingredient?

Well fear not young alchemist, for master alchemist Sarius Arven has heard your pleas and took it upon himself to travel the width and bredth of Skyrim reseaching and logging all his Alchemic findings! To make things even better he has published a series of volumes brimming with information regarding ingredients, potions and poisons native to Skyrim. This glorious set is for sale at all good Alchemist's, but you may have to do some travelling to obtain the entire collection. You can buy his set in seperate tomes for quick-flicking, or buy his entire catalog in just 3 tomes (and a journal)!

Sarius's Collection covers the following subjects regarding Alchemy:


He has written a catalog covering every ingredient in the game thus far (including those added by Dawnguard). For those who don't wish to flick through this 30-page book every time they wish to view a certain ingredient, the work is available in 5 seperate tomes (aphabetical by name of ingredient): A-C, D-F, G-J, L-R, R-Y

The main catalog is worth 10,000 Septims, and each individual tome costing 2,000 each, so same cost whichever way you prefer.


As with the ingredient section, most (I cannot gaurantee all) craftable potions are covered. There is a catalog available for potions aswel, but it has also been split into 4 seperate tomes for those that want a quick-flick: Cure and Restore, Resist, Skill and Misc.

The catalog itself costs 8,500 Septims with each tome costing as follows:

Cure and Restore: 2,250
Resist: 2,000
Skill: 3,000
Misc: 1,250


Poisons is the area of Alchemy that Sarius really enjoyed researching. He concocted every known concoction of deadly plant to discover the best combinations possible, and is very proud of his work. This tome isn't sold in seperate volumes, but as 1 catalog costing 15,000 Septims.
The Dark Brotherhood swear by this volume!

Specialist Potions

For the first time, Sarius is releasing copies of his journal, in which he wrote down combinations for some of the greatest potions ever made!

Bidding for this item starts at 20,000.. and ends there, sadly.

So what are you waiting for? Your Alchemic saviour is out there waiting to be purchased!

Optionally, if you have found a certain special Phial for a resident of Windhelm, return to the place you origonally found it, and there will be a tome waiting for you for free!
[note]Note: Currently all the tomes are available for purchase at all Alchemists within the hold capitals. Each store has 1-3 guarenteed tomes, plus levelled lists for the rest - so you may get lucky.[/note]



Installing is very simple, and since this only uses vanilla assets, simply do either:

1) Use NMM
2) Drop the ESP file into your Data folder

To Uninstall, simply delete the ESP.


I mainly made this mod for myself after using The Great Book of Alchemy and felt it was very untidy and an update didn't seem likely since the author of that mod doesn't seem to be on much anymore. It was an idea I really liked, because I like Alchemy but I very rarely used it without having to Alt-Tab out of the game to check the wiki. I hope this mod makes more people actually try utilising Alchemy, as I've discovered that after you get it to 50-60+ some potions and poisons you make are alot more powerful than some you can simply find in the world. I put alot of effort into this and hope you like it :)

You do not need to have Dawnguard for this. If you don't, just ignore the items in the books with (Dawnguard) next to them.


In Progress:

+ Place more tomes into the world in logical places (Nearly complete)