Tristram In Skyrim - A Homage To Diablo -- Resuming Developement by TripleSixes
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(7/18/14) Back from the dead, just like Diablo himself! A new patch is available, adding an MCM menu allowing full control of some old features I decided to kill off. Be sure to use this new patch with the old version, but with only characters that have NOT been to Tristram yet. I will get a new version out soon, with quests, and maybe some bosses :)
The mod will require Dawnguard for all versions following v2.0.
"Hello, my friend. Stay awhile and listen..."
Deckard Cain

This mod requires the latest Skyrim and SKSE versions!
You find yourself in a somber, twilit village. Something evil haunts this place, though the nature of that evil is not immediately clear. An anxious and dwindling populace speaks to you of invasion by dark riders, and of strange rituals performed in a ruined cathedral at the edge of town.
At the entrance to the church, a dying man writhes in agony. Dim light seeps from the church doorway. Within, a stone stairway plunges down into the darkness, to a dungeon where the scent of death surrounds you...

Goal of the Project:
Ever wanted to experience the world of Diablo first-hand? Here is your chance!

This mod recreates Diablo, the classic action-adventure RPG developed by Blizzard North and released by Blizzard Entertainment on December 31, 1996. The goal of the project is to resemble Diablo as much as possible, while involving your character from The Elder Scrolls universe in a fun and creative back-story, while leaving the Diablo lore 100% intact. The mod is 100% isolated from all of Skyrim, so there will be absolutely no mod conflict. Be sure not to use the console for any reason though, that will cause trouble. New innovative features include:
A dynamic magic system based on the original Diablo damage formulas.
A randomly generated, multi-layered dungeon system spanning 16 levels down, with respective auxiliary cells.
The Diablo loot system, comprised of Prefixes and Affixes, accompanied by item identification.

Also in the mod:
The Town of Tristram
The diverse monster system, with unique mobs
Character archetype selection
NPCs with life-like traits and voice acting
The questing system
Fan-composed music
Strict attention to accuracy
Lore-Friendly Texts
Easter Eggs
Three difficulties: Normal, Nightmare, and Hell

Warning: This mod is very intensive, it requires alot of processing power. There are alot of scripts. If you can run Skyrim with no problems as it is now, you won't have to worry.
No assets are directly imported from Blizzard Inc.
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We're in need of:
2D/3D Artists
Sound Artists
Voice Actors/Actresses

Want the mod to use the original Diablo tracks? You can buy them here!
Instructions on how to replace the mod music are in the alternative music pack in the files section of this page.

B...But TripleSixes! How do I play this goodness?
Fear Not! Here is how it done:

Either start a new character or resume a current one, open the main menu then go to mod configuration (be sure you have sky UI) then go to Tristram in Skyrim. Go to teleport, and start the mod!. Do not use the console for any reason!

Please Endorse!

Special Thanks to:
Pedro Faria/Jarulf: For his extremely useful guide to Diablo's inner workings.
WillieSea: For teaching me how to script.
TheHodoo: Creating the mod logo.
Cat_Woman1989: Creating textures for enemy monsters.
JZBai: Quarterstaff meshes
Croc: Chain mail Mesh
Prometheus: Cape Mesh
Newermind43: Knight Monster Mesh (Avatar of Balthazar)

Also, thanks to these individuals for their contributions to the music in the mod:
Hodoo: Tristram Track
Julian Culme-Seymour: Dungeon Track.
Anders Vohs: Tristram Track, check out his youtube channel!
Dariusz "Noktis" ?wik: Two versions of the Tristram Town Track.

This mod is best enhanced with these mods:
Better MessageBox Controls by ecirbaf
Diablo font replacer by Eckhart

Will you upload to Steam Workshop? With all due respect, this mod will not be uploaded on the Steam Workshop, at least not at this time. They didn't feel comfortable with uploading the mod, because they didn't want to risk a lawsuit. I respect their decision (Even if I truly am sad about it), perhaps one day I can submit it and eventually make it on there.

Why doesn't the mod use the audio (music and voices) from Diablo? Using Blizzard's files and content violates their fair use agreement. Which is copyright infringement. Please do not argue with examples of projects that have used the assets, I've decided against it to be on the safe side. End of story.

When I try to install Tristram In Skyrim with the Nexus Mod Manager, I get an error message saying "System Out Of Memory Exception". Help? You will need to manually install the game, as NMM has issues with installing large mods that are in .bsa archives. It is quite simple actually:
1. Extract the files from the .7z
2. Drag and drop the .bsa into your skyrim directory (the same directory that contains your data folder)
3. Drag the .esp file into the skyrim data folder.
4. Launch the Skyrim launcher or open up NMM, and enable the data file "Tristram In Skyrim".
5. Run Skyrim and enjoy the mod.

I keep getting a CTD when zoning between Tristram and the dungeon; After using Town Portal, I am teleported to the void Make this amendment to your Skyrim.ini file. Go to C:\My Documents\My Games\Skyrim and search for this file Skyrim.ini. open with notepad, under [General] add iLargeIntRefCount=999999, if you notice a drop in FPS, lower the number until you get a better result.

I installed the mod, but when I go to the "dungeon entrance" inside of Bleak Falls Barrow, there is no "dungeon entrance". Is this mod conflict or did I install the mod wrong? Please make sure you have the latest Skyrim patch, as well as the latest version of SKSE. This should solve the issue.

Why won't my Skyrim spells work in the mod? They are not lore-friendly in the world of Diablo, so I edited them to not affect the enemies in the mod. I also will be editing spells that affect the player later on to nullify healing spells, and armor spells.

Random Dungeons? There will be random dungeons, whether they will be created from scratch upon entry or cycled between presets, is up to whether or not I can get the process to work correctly.

Durability? Modders are having enough trouble with this, if a durability mod comes out, perhaps i'll work it into TIS, otherwise not.

Loot System? There will be a loot system that will feature weapon identification and prefix/suffix enchantments.

Any Hellfire content? If this mod is a hit, I will work on this expansion and release it as a patch.

Will you make a Diablo II remake? If Tristram In Skyrim becomes popular, and I get a larger development force; I will make the sequel, The Prime Evils.

Is there a Cow Level? Now you're just being udderly ridiculous.

Change Log
Version 2.00(Nexus Beta) - Released 01/05/13
- Added tons of scripts
- Magic System Completed

Version 0.99 (Community Beta) - Released 10/31/12
- Worked on Tristram
- Added TONS of scripts
- Created Dungeon Floor One
- Created Tavern of the Rising Sun (Interior)
- Added Weapon, Armor, Potion, Scroll, Tome, Spell entries
- Lore-Friendly Texts
- Gave Tristram NPCs some life-like traits
- Removed Followers
- Custom Monsters
- Merchants have some items (Excluding Wirt)

Version 0.5 (Demo) - Released 08/01/12
- Created Tristram
- Added NPCs
- Added Followers
For Blizzard Representatives or to whom it may concern:
This was my personal project. After the persistence of my friends and family badgering me to upload this project, I finally gave in. I have tried to find a means of contacting Blizzard's legal department to discuss the possibilities of this project breaking The Fair Use Agreement, but to no avail. Having been put on hold for long periods of time, and then being told that Blizzard's Customer Service Department cannot supply any legal support or disclose any information to customers about their legal department, has led me to take action without actual permission from Blizzard's legal department. I was told to contact my legal representative if I was to communicate with Blizzard's legal department. I'm a kid, I don't have the means to hire a lawyer. If anyone can shine some light on this situation, I may be able to avoid legal action. If you are a Blizzard Legal Representative, please contact me immediately so we may avoid legal action. This mod (by definition) is for non-commercial use, is free, and is made solely to pay homage to one of my favorite games of all time. There is no malicious intent, or expectations of personal gain in any way (monetary, reputation, etc.).

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