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Last updated at 2:54, 30 Nov 2011 Uploaded at 20:06, 29 Nov 2011

A work in progress to overhaul all the textures, models, and add more weapons to skyrim

if you like and download can you upload some pics...there are going to be ALOT of diff textures and such...I don't have the time to take screen of all of them. also if you notice i placed the wrong weapon in the wrong area tell me =)

EDIT- was going to them all in 2048, but after doing them both ways i didn't notice much of a difference, so instead i added more detail in the normals and specularities
the only one in 2048 is the daedric sword
Daedric weapons- im getting this texture from the fact you need a heart to make it, there is a bit of blue/purple in the texture, for veins and a bit more red. all of these weapons will be later remodeled into higher poly models to make them look even better.
choices for daedric swords

more blue for veins (black,white,and medium blades)
less blue for veins (black,white,and medium blades)
no blue more red (black,white,and medium blades)

ebony weapons- a quick edit to add more content, will ad more detail and better ideas laterfor ebony weapons but for real quick they will each have some aspect or these colors



extract the files and look through the screenshots to see which one you like best then you cut and paste thath data folder into your skyrim directory (i.e. the one with the TESV.exe)