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Animal Trapping in version 1.3.7 now in beta! Check the posts for details.

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1. Description
2. Installation & Compatibility
3. Notes
4. Current Development Plans

Everything you need to know can be found on the new Hunting in Skyrim Website.


Quick Breakdown Of Features In Version 1.3.6:

In it's current state this mod adds a Hunting Guild to Skyrim. The player can complete quests and challenges, rising through the ranks and gaining renown for completing tasks. The initial Guild hub is based in the basement of the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun. Once the main Guild Hall is complete outside, the initial hub will become a Guild outpost.

I have also introduced new perks to the game, centered around hunting. They give bonuses to both damage and protection against animals, and at later levels, all creatures including Dragons.

The mod currently includes (as of version 1.3) 10 main quests, 7 side quests (6 of which are repeatable radiant quests), a new skinning and pelt crafting system, trophy crafting, guild upgrades, and many more features. The player is also given a Log Book which keeps track of all the animals you kill, skin, contracts completed, and abilities unlocked. Two new skills have been added to the game (separate from the normal skills menu) and are tracked in the Log Book. Your Hunting Skill increases as you hunt animals, and you also gain Huntsman Feats that go towards your overall Hunting Skill for obtaining notable achievements such as sneak kills on animals and killing hard animals with daggers. Your Skinning Skill is determined by how many carcasses you've skinned and improved, and governs how well you can improve your pelts. Skinning Skill also has a small influence on your Hunting Skill.

The base value of hunting "loot" has been increased so that it's a much more viable source of income. I have tried to keep it balanced and the values not too high.

Visit the new Hunting in Skyrim Website for more details on the quests, perks, price changes, Skinning & Carcass system, new skills, stat tracking and more.

Legendary Creature - The Great White Stag

Installation & Compatibility

No Perk Tree version is now available to download. Should be fully compatible with any perk changing and skill tree changing mod.

Do not run both the normal and No Perks version of the mod together. Bad things will happen.

Dialogue is currently all silent so turn on subtitles.

- Installing & Updating -

Installing & Updating Guide - Read this carefully.

- Compatibility and Conflicts -

Compatibility Page - Read this carefully.

New Unique Creature - Whiterun Tundra Troll


This mod is always tested/maintained with the most up-to-date game and Creation Kit patches.
I would like to thank the users of Bethesda's Skyrim Creation Kit forums for helping me to learn scripting, quests, and general CK usage. To name just a few (in no particular order)...

JustinOther, h4vent, Sollar, DocClox, Chesko, Alexander J. Velicky, SteezMyster, Raflod, and DreamKing.

I would especially like to thank hypno88 for his continued support, ideas, and help with a number of aspects of Hunting in Skyrim.

Without your help this mod would never be.
Only Skyrim patch 1.9 is supported.
As is the general practice of mod usage, please remember to backup your save before using this mod.
If I am off-line and cannot be contacted for a period of 6 months or more, I give all rights and permissions for this mod to TES Alliance (

- Credits -

Thanks & Credits Page

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- Translations -

There are other languages available for this mod, however not all of them are kept up-to-date.

Translations Page

- Also available on -

TES Alliance
AFK Mods

- Hunting in Skyrim Website -

Visit the new Hunting in Skyrim Website, for more details on the quests and other content this mod offers.

As a compliment to this mod, I recommend using my Hunter player home, Woodsman's Shack.

Current Development Plans

Version 1.3.7 - Coming Soon

Visit the Current Development page to see what's coming in the next mod version!

Future Development (to-do list)