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This mod helps to disable the health regeneration caused by "Hunting in Skyrim" mod.

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Hunting in Skyrim - Health Regeneration Remover

While I was building up my mod list for my new « survival-oriented » playthrough, I encountered a problem with health regeneration. I didn't want to allow the automatic regeneration over time, making it only possible with potions or spells.

However, despite using specific mods or console commands such as "player.forceav healrate 0" to prevent this regeneration, my health kept on regenerating over time.

While doing some researches, I discovered that this was due to the « Hunting in Skyrim » mod, which I was using.

Hopefully,the great modder Ice885 had created a patch to prevent this, but only for Skyrim SE (you can find it here). With his agreement, I’m uploading  the patch for "Oldrim" here.

All the credit goes to him !

I hope you’ll find this patch useful, so far it works and seems harmless.

Have fun !