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Wearable Lanterns 3.0 is now available. Please review this important information and upgrade details before installing.

Happy holidays!

- Chesko

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  • Latest version of Skyrim.
  • Latest version of SkyUI.
  • Latest version of SKSE.
  • (optional) To acquire Paper Lanterns, you must have the Dragonborn DLC installed.
A full change log is available here.

Adds a craftable, wearable, Travel Lantern that can be hooked onto your belt, or carried in your hand! Or, catch a torchbug in a Torchbug Lantern! Let it light the way in dark dungeons while you keep your hands free during combat and adventuring. If Dragonborn is installed, you can craft a Paper Lantern as well. Dragonborn is not required to use Wearable Lanterns.

The lantern's placement on the belt was inspired by Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It also heralds the visual style of Dragon's Dogma. The way you use your lantern (held or worn) can be changed using the SkyUI Mod Configuration Menu.

All lanterns use slot 55 and, 57 (if worn) or the Left Hand (if carried).

Lanterns can be crafted or purchased, depending on which one you would like to have.

  • Travel Lanterns: Can be purchased at most general goods merchants, or crafted at a forge for 1x Lantern, 1x Leather Strip.
  • Paper Lanterns: Can be crafted at a forge for 1x Firewood, 1x Roll of Paper, 1x Leather Strip.
  • Torchbug Lanterns: Purchase an empty Bug Lantern from most general goods merchants, equip it, and walk near a Torchbug. You will catch the bug and place it in your jar automatically.
Captured torchbugs can be released by entering Sneak mode, and dropping a Torchbug Lantern. You will be prompted to release or keep it.

  • Lantern Position: Choose between Worn - Back Right, Worn - Front Right, and Held.
  • Brightness/Radius: Configure between one of 4 brightness/radius settings.
  • Automatic Mode: Make your lantern turn on and off intelligently.
  • Hotkeys: Configure a hotkey to turn your lantern on or off (Manual Mode), or check your remaining Fuel.
  • Fuel Burning: With this enabled, your Travel and Paper Lantern will require Lantern Oil to function (purchased at most general goods vendors). Torchbug Lanterns will require pollen from flowers found across Skyrim.
  • Fuel Meters: On-screen fuel meters showing your remaining Oil or Pollen. Fully configurable.
  • Followers: Lanterns can be used by any and every follower given a lantern, from every DLC, custom companion mod, and multi-follower mod. In truth, any NPC can use a lantern, if provided one.
  • Auto-Drop Lit Lanterns: Equipping a shield with a hotkey while carrying a lantern in your left hand will drop the lantern onto the ground while lit. It is automatically re-equipped when picked back up.
  • Firefly Lanterns: If you are a 101BUGS user, you can catch Fireflies in an empty Bug Lantern, which creates a Firefly Lantern that produces a reddish light.
  • Click Download with Manager or install using a mod management utility of your choice. I do not provide support for manual installations.

To upgrade from Wearable Lanterns 3.0 to a hotfix version (3.0b), or from a to b, simply uninstall the version you have and install the new one.

To upgrade from Wearable Lanterns 2.2a, please follow this procedure:

  • Back up your save game(s). Do not skip this step.
  • Load your save game. Travel to an interior location.
  • Unequip all lanterns. You will lose your lanterns during the upgrade; this is normal.
  • Dismiss all followers.
  • Save your game.
  • Completely uninstall Wearable Lanterns 2.2a. All files must be removed.
  • Completely uninstall any previous Wearable Lanterns add-ons (Lanterns for Guards, Lanterns for Caravans, Candle Lanterns of the North), if any are installed. They are incompatible with Wearable Lanterns 3.0+.
  • Load your save game. Verify that it loads. If you're watching your Papyrus log, it will puke a bunch of errors.
  • Wait 60 seconds, and then save your game again.
  • Install Wearable Lanterns 3.0 using a mod management utility of your choice. I do not provide support for manual installation.
  • Load your save game. Wait up to 60 seconds for the MCM to initialize.
  • Go buy or craft a lantern!
To upgrade from 3.0 to 3.0A, simply uninstall 3.0 and install 3.0A. No other action is necessary.Please note that starting a new game will always result in a cleaner-running experience. Your mileage may vary.
  • Back up your save game. Do not skip this step.
  • Unequip any worn lanterns. Move your character to an interior space.
  • Save your game. Exit Skyrim completely.
  • Uninstall the mod using your mod management utility. Ensure that the mod's files have been deleted (Chesko_WearableLantern.bsa, Chesko.WearableLantern.esp, and all scripts beginning with the prefix "_WL_".)
  • Load your game. Verify that it loads.
  • Save your game again. Exit Skyrim completely.
  • Load your game. The mod is now uninstalled.
  • If a two-handed weapon or bow is equipped while using a held lantern, the lantern light will not go out. This will be resolved in the next update. Equipping a shield properly unequips the lantern.
  • Auto-dropped lit lanterns (when using a shield hotkey) sometimes hang in the air instead of dropping to the ground as intended.
  • Some followers with complex scripting (such as Dawnguard's Serana) may re-evaluate their equipped items periodically, which may cause their lantern to go out or become unequipped. You will have a higher success rate with the follower wearing a lantern instead of carrying it.
  • Compatible with all DLC.
  • Compatible with any mod that edits or adds items to vendors.
  • Compatible with every custom follower mod.
  • Compatible with every multi-follower mod.
  • Compatible with Static Mesh Improvements. Enhanced support will be provided in a future version.
  • Incompatible with any mod that adds lightsources that can be carried like a torch.
  • "This mod now requires SKSE and SkyUI. I don't like it. Will you make it so that it doesn't require these?": No.
  • "Wearable Lanterns seems more incompatible with other things I wear after upgrading to 3.0. Can you fix it?": All lanterns now use at minimum, 2 slots (55 and 57 or Left Hand). This was, as the change log notes, necessary. Necessary meaning, no, I will not reduce the required slot count or change which slots I use.
  • "Is (insert multi-follower mod here) compatible?": Yes. All multi-follower mods are compatible with Wearable Lanterns 3.0+.
  • "Is (insert custom companion mod here) compatible?": Yes. All mod-added companions are compatible with Wearable Lanterns 3.0+.
  • "Is (insert follower from DLC here) compatible?": Yes. All base game followers (including special ones, such as Serana, from DLC) are compatible with Wearable Lanterns 3.0+.
  • "Can you make the brightness setting independent of the radius?": No. It would introduce an unacceptable level of complexity to the mod.
  • "TES5Edit says that there is a dirty edit to an Idle Animation called TorchEvents. Should I clean it / will you clean it?": Wearable Lanterns 3.0+ has already been cleaned with TES5Edit. That particular edit is supposed to be there. If you clean this edit, you will break the mod.
  • "Where did the optional Add-Ons, like Lanterns for Guards, go?": They were problematic in their implementation and very error-prone, and were removed. They are not compatible with Wearable Lanterns 3.0. Their functionality may be added back into the main Wearable Lanterns file in the future.
  • "Is this mod compatible with Bandoliers?": By my definition, yes. Both this mod and Bandoliers uses slot 55 and 57. If you equip a lantern, it will unequip certain bandoliers in the same physical location on your character, and vice versa. This is intended and will not change.
  • "Which slots do your lanterns use?": 55 and, 57 (if worn), or the Left Hand (if carried). All lanterns use at least two slots. This is intended and will not change.
  • "I equipped a lantern and it unequipped something else I wear / I equipped something and it unequipped my lantern. Can you fix it?": The thing you're trying to wear and the lantern are utilizing the same character slot. No, I cannot fix it. There is a finite number of character slots available, and I chose 55 and 57 to mimic the Bandoliers - Bags and Pouches bag locations and the slots that mod uses. You will need to choose to wear either the lantern or the other thing that uses the same slot. Please do not report this as an issue, because there is nothing I can do about it.
  • "None of the shopkeepers are selling lanterns or oil.": Wait in-game between 24 hours and 7 days. If items are still not available, try a different merchant; different merchants will have different, random amounts of stock of each item.
  • "I, uh, 'crafted' a Paper Lantern, but the lantern appears purple in my inventory and I can't equip it.": No, you didn't. You added the Paper Lantern using a console command. Your lantern is purple because you do not have Dragonborn installed. Dragonborn is required to use the Paper Lantern, as its assets come from that DLC. Please purchase and install Dragonborn to use the Paper Lantern.
  • "The meters are not displaying.": First, ensure that the meters are enabled (Contextual or Always On), you have a lantern equipped, and that lantern type has the fuel burning mechanic turned on. If the meters are still not appearing when expected, see below.
  • "My follower did not use their lantern when I expected / my follower used their lantern when I did not expect it.": Followers will use their lantern under the following circumstances: Outdoors, between the hours of 7PM and 7AM. Indoors, but not in inns, houses, player homes, castles, guilds, or stores. Lantern is extinguished when sneaking. NPCs will always prefer to use the Front Worn lantern position when given, but can be talked into using a different location.
  • "My follower's lantern brightness did not change when I changed the setting in the MCM.": NPCs will always use a brightness of 600 radius, 1.55 brightness, regardless of the setting in the MCM.
Regarding Meters: Whether or not the new Wearable Lantern meters will work is dependent on several factors:
  • Whether or not your are using the latest version of SkyUI.
  • Whether or not SkyUI is correctly installed.
  • Whether or not Wearable Lanterns 3.0 is correctly installed.
  • Whether or not you are using a mod that directly modifies the Compass overlay menu flash file (iHUD, etc).
When using iHUD, whether or not the meters work is directly related to your iHUD settings regarding when the HUD displays. If you hide the HUD using iHUD, you hide the meters with it.You have a couple of options:
  • Set your meters in Wearable Lanterns to Always On and set your HUD in iHUD to toggle ("Toggle compass hotkey"). You will see the meters whenever you press the "compass" hotkey in iHUD.
  • Set your HUD in iHUD to "SkyUI HUD ALWAYS On", and set your meters in Wearable Lanterns to Always On or Contextual. They should appear as appropriate. You can then set other iHUD parameters to your liking (alpha value of the compass, etc).
But the main point is that if you allow iHUD to hide the HUD, you hide the meters along with it, so play around with the settings on both sides and find a solution you think works best. Different people are trying to achieve different things with their HUD modifications so your needs will be unique to your personal tastes.If you find that your meters are not displayed when they should be, ask yourself the following before reporting a bug:
  • "Did I install SkyUI manually?" (Try using the NMM instead)
  • "Did I update SkyUI recently?"
  • "Did I install Wearable Lanterns manually?" (Try using the NMM instead; I do not support manual installations. You're on your own.)
  • "Am I using an interface, HUD, or any other mod that might manipulate the interface?"
If SkyUI and Wearable Lanterns is installed correctly, and there are no other conflicting mods present, your meters will work, all things being equal.
  • Bethesda Softworks, for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.[*]Beautiful new Torchbug and Firefly textures and 101BUGS integration by 83Willow.[*]Gorgeous new Lantern texture by Vixenfinder.
This mod was inspired by a thread on the Bethesda forums, started by Iradiated BOXES, who asked if such a mod already existed. It seemed that it didn't, and I figured it would be simple enough to whip up in a few hours. After putting out the initial version and seeing how much interest there was in something like this, what started as a 3-hour project turned into a multi-month journey of adding features and squashing bugs. It is now one of the most comprehensive lantern mods available. Enjoy!Thank you to the folks in the Bethesda thread (found here) for the ideas and for motivating me to do this fun project. Thank you to everyone that has helped me beta-test this mod; it wouldn't be nearly this stable and well-developed without your help.I'm pretty pleased with the results. I hope you are, too. Enjoy!
  • If I do not respond by PM or e-mail ( for 6 months, the community is free to re-upload and maintain this mod for maintenance and archival purposes. I must always remain credited as the author.[*]Permission is granted to anyone seeking to translate this mod and re-upload it to their page of choice. I will not host or manage translated versions. Please do not ask for permission to translate or host your translated version of the mod; you already have it.