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Added: 16/05/2012 - 07:33PM
Updated: 24/10/2014 - 04:40PM

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Last updated at 16:40, 24 Oct 2014 Uploaded at 19:33, 16 May 2012

Ever looked at the trees in skyrim... they're so small (especially near Riften).

If you agree with me

This Mod changes the size of the trees for a more Fantasy forest like feeling for Skyrim.

There is Two different version. The original with really huge trees, and one with smaller trees (but still taller than Vanilla).
This mod edit a lot of Trees, so some of them is made bigger especially in bigger forests, but smaller trees on the side of the forests.
Lot of trees not even touched, because if we make bigger all of them, that is not real, because in real life, you can find new trees, small growing ones, middle size and also big trees.
Lot of trees downsized around roads, because the brances covered the hole road and the player can't see anything at all.

More Improvement will come later.
Latest changes:
(find complete changlog on the Changes tab)

Version 1.5:

Now with Correct LOD in Everywhere !!!

- Finally fixed the LOD everywhere (yes, around Riften also, no more popping trees and no wall of trees)
- Merged the 3 smaller version ESP to one ESP for better handling and compatibility
- Made merged Skyrim and Riften bigger trees Version
- Swiched from loose files to compressed BSA versions to easily know witch LOD belongs to the different ESP-s
- Made a better Fomod install with Better explanation pictures
- Cleaned the ESP-s last time with the newest TES5Edit (still find some dirty edits)

How to Install

Easy to Install with fomod, so use NMM, Mod Organizer or other fomod installer, or intsall manually (need 1 or 2 ESP and the appropiate BSA).
How to Uninstall

Use NMM, Mod Organizer or other installer, or simply remove the lod file (BSA) and the ESP/s from Skyrim/Data/ folder.

Most of the Mods must be compatible with this mod, but there may be compatibility problems with some mods, what modifies Tamriel.

This mod is Compatible with:

Lush Trees by OpticShooter
Skyrim Flora Overhaul by vurt
Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One by MannyGT
Rain and Snow clipping by Xilante
Riverwood Enhanced by samxrr
Towns and Villages Enhanced V06 by Aplestormy
Open Cities Skyrim by Arthmoor

From v8:

Hobbit Hole by Jamie Barnes
Whiterun Outskirts Market by RadioBoX
Monster Wars V5 by Ironman5000
Fleetford by tetradite

From v9:

Pinewoods Cottage by Blary
Riverside Lodge with Sauna by Lupus
Dovahkiin Retreat by Shawk and Krimson
Elvenwood by Nick75

From v11:
Hearthfire - official DLC

This mod is NOT Compatible with:

Lush Aspen Trees by Hritik
Recommanded mods

To make the trees look much better:

Lush Trees:
TreesHD Skyrim Variation:
Skyrim Flora Overhaul:

To make the LODs look much better(Skyrim Flora Overhaul comes with it's own LOD's):

Aof Hd Tree LODs:
HD Enhanced Terrain:
Illuminated Tree Lod:

Or to make everything look much better:

Texture Pack Combiner:


On Youtube

Thanks to InsaneOflex for reviewing my mod and to Saiotv

Also Russel Lee uses this mod in his playtrough:

and a trailer by xweto100


"Will this slow my fps?"
Yes, specially the Bigger version. This can be a range from -2 to -10 or more FPS depending on your system, on your graphical settings (UGrids, Shadow quality, etc.) and which other mods you're using, specially the graphic modification mods, like higher tree textures.
If you get big performance drop with bigger version, try the smaller version, and/or lower your graphic settings, like shadow quality.
If you get big performance drop every time in a specific location, tell us, and we will solve that.

"What can I do If I get CTD?"
If you have a low-end PC, lower your graphics settings, because most likely you've run out of memory. If you have a high-end PC, it can be a mod incompatibility or a bug. Try to find witch mods cause the ctd-s, write to us, and we will solve that in the next version.
If it happen in a specific location, also tell us where, and we will solve that.

"Does this mod work with other mods?"
Yes, it should work with any mod without any problem what is not make any changes in the Tree LOD meshes, and
with some mods, wich make changes in the world of Tamriel, you can find overlappings.

"Some trees looks too big or ugly"
That means, that tree is too big or ugly :)


Xweto - Creator of this mod, fixes, changes, compatibilities
Jonigts - fixes, changes, compatibilities with other mods, layout, LOD

- Everyone who has provided critiques and suggestions.
- Bethesda, Creation Kit.
- TES5Edit
- Photoshop

Thanks to Saiotv and InsanOflex for reviewing this mod!!