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UPDATE: 3/28/2015 - I'm working on a 2.0 version that is plugin/ESP-based, which will have full compatibility patches for SFO and other tree mods!  Putting finishing touches on it now, stay tuned.  And yes, this will allow me to alter that ONE STUPID TREE outside Riverwood that everyone has complained about, despite there being thousands upon thousands of trees in Skyrim :P

[1/10/2015] WHAT'S THIS?  A LITTLE BONUS?  The great zilav generated larger tree LOD to pair with this mod!  It's not perfectly sized 1:1, so you will still see some pop-in, but it makes a MASSIVE difference.  Go check it out and give him some endorsement love!  THANK YOU ZILAV!

(9/12/2014) v1.5 released, no longer in alpha, glitch-free!!  Remade from scratch, INI workarounds are no longer required!  Please see changelog and sticky for details and additions. Now also features Reach trees, and slower branch movement, as well as a patch for Realistic Aspen Trees. Long-distance LOD and more compatibility patches are coming soon. Thank you all for the feedback and endorsements! <3


OUT OF ALPHA, ALL PREVIOUS ISSUES SHOULD BE RESOLVED! No more INI work-arounds required. I re-made this mod from scratch using a more precise method. See sticky post for details, new additions, and as always, please feel free to report issues if you find any!

I wanted to make trees in Skyrim bigger in the simplest, most compatible way possible. This mod makes all of the trees in Skyrim around 1.5x-2.0x larger, by scaling up all of the vanilla tree meshes. This is accomplished with absolutely zero cell edits, and no ESPs/ESMs, for maximum compatibility with other mods. It should be 100% compatible with all tree texture mods (that don't change the mesh), new lands, houses, etc!

There is a lot of diversity in the vanilla game tree size, which was hand-placed by the level designers, and this does not change that in any way. Relative sizes remain, they are just all 1.5x - 2.0x bigger. Some areas get pretty dense as a result, so be prepared to be enveloped by the forest and have wildlife sneak up on you before you can see them! Hunting in the Rift in the fog at dawn is now a legitimately scary and dangerous activity. Camping is BLISS.

Please be aware, any mod that uses vanilla tree assets will have larger trees as well. This is a side-effect of replacing the mesh, but is a pleasant one in every case I've tested for so far! No reports from users of clipping or blocking yet.

Check images for several GIFs showing before/after in a few key areas. Thank you!  Endorse if you like, and report issues in the Post section :)

Thanks Brodual/BDMods, MMOxReview, Hodilton, and LiveStyleGaming for the great vids!! <3

(Don't mind the thumbnail and title, haha, review for my mod starts at 8:25)

And thanks to matthiaswagg for his article/review, here!


"I want to start off by saying that, even though I endorse every mod I like and use a lot, I rarely ever comment. This mod, however, has improved my game by such a great margin that I felt obliged to do so... This mod improved my immersion far more than I initially expected..." -b6lph6gor6

"It is absolutely ridiculous how this small idea makes such a huge difference. The atmosphere of the game is changed completely. As an example, run through the area around the Statue of Meridia without this mod. Then install this mod and run through it again. Feels like a real forest!" -SkepticalJoker

"This mod is so fantastic I don't have words for it -- makes the forests of Falkreath darker and spookier, hides distant landscapes that don't look so good, improves the overall look and ambience of the game -- thank you so much!" -Neko91

"I just want to leave a comment and thank you for this mod. It completely changes the atmosphere in Skyrim forests, making them seem more real and the way they should be: ancient and wild. I live in a country where trees are mostly pines and aspens, and this is how they should look like (:" -rinxja


This does not contain long-distance LOD yet. If you use a higher uGrids setting you probably won't notice (I use 7 and never see it.) That is a big undertaking that I am still learning how to do, but it's next up on the list now that the main issues are resolved!

Cosmetic-ish things like a single, non-blocking branch sticking too far out over a particular road, I can't really fix, since the purpose of this mod is to avoid editing ANY cells or doing any CK work, so it can remain lightweight and 100% compatible with all mods. Pop open your console, click the tree, and hit "setscale" to do some landscaping if a single tree is bugging you too much!

Depending on your system, ENB, Shadows/AO/AA/etc. making trees larger in Skyrim can have a slight performance hit. Having more shadows / ambient occlusion / anti-aliasing to draw just has that effect and it's not the fault of the mod!


Simply download the packages and use your favorite mod organizer, or manually extract RARs to the /data/ folder.  It is just a mesh replacer so there are no scary files / scripts / etc. to worry about, but make a new save anyway, because it's just the smart thing to do!  If you're using one of the patches (TBD), activate that last, and let it overwrite the main files.


This should be compatible with all houses, new lands, locations, etc. just watch for clipping. It is also compatible with all texture mods that use the vanilla meshes. This is NOT compatible with other mods that modify/replace the vanilla tree meshes, however I am working on patches for relevant mods that don't directly conflict.

- Realistic Aspen Trees


- Long-distance LOD (this requires regenerating LOD for all of Skyrim, I'm working on learning how to do this, be patient!)
- A "medium" version that scales them up by ~1.2x instead of ~1.5x when I have the time to re-edit all of them again :)
- Dragonborn / Solstheim trees


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SkySight - HD Hi-Res Pillow (seriously, haha)