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This mod gives new appearance for two Skyrim's male Housecarls (Argis and Calder) and also makes the three female housecarls male. Gives all the Housecarls new advanced AI and new set of perks. Fixes marriage bug for Whiterun housecarl.

The three male housecarls who are replacing females:
Whiterun housecarl LUDWIG - replaces Lydia,
Solitude housecarl HJORR - replaces Jordis and
Riften housecarl JOONAS - replaces Iona.


There are two versions of this mod:
- Apachii Hair Version - Main Files section, Apachii Sky Hair Version 1.4 or higher is required.
- Vanilla Hair Version - Old versions section, no additional mods required.
- Hot Male Housecarls as character presets - Miscellaneous section.

All the housecarls
- Have male stance (if they are not being controlled by another mod or corrupted savegame data. See FAQ section for more information on the matter).
- Are autoleveled up to 80 (there is no such things as "removing level caps". The game simply stops counting at 81.)
- Don't affect stealth meter,
- Are essential while not following (any follower mod you use controls this while they are following),
- Have new AI packages - they will eat, sleep and use equipment in the house,
- Have different height, in general they are taller than typical Nord men. Their weight I left exactly as it is in vanilla Skyrim.
- Have clothes as their default outfit.
- Have housecarl's steel armor set placed in their inventory.
- Have the following new perks, which they will gain while leveling up with you:
Stealth ranks 1-8, Muffled Movement, Light Foot, Agile Defender ranks 1-6, Custom Fit, Overdraw ranks 1-6, Shield Wall ranks 1-8, Power Bash, Deflect Arrows, Juggernaut ranks 1-8, Well Fitted, Tower of Strength, Armsman ranks 1-8, Fighting Stance, Backstab, Deadly Aim, Barbarian ranks 1-8, Champion Stance.


- For Apachii hair version - the latest main version of ApachiiSkyHair is required.

Recommended mods:

- Extensible Follower Framework by Expired -multi-follower mod, enhances your followers' behavior, fixes a lot of follower related bugs and much more.
- Blood on the Ice Fix - Purchase Hjerim by mageesty - bugfix mod that allows you to purchase Hjerim and have Calder as your housecarl, even if you were not able to previously make Blood on Ice quest.
- Fine Face Textures for Men - High resolutin face texture replacer for male characters.

Installation and uninstallation:

- It is recommended to use NMM for Installation and Uninstallation of this mod's files. Get Nexus mod Manager here

- Note that for this mod to to take full effect it is recommended to install this mod before you meet your Housecarls, (namely to start a new game with this mod enabled) otherwise you might have some bugs, (e.g. feminine walking style for those housecarls that are replacing females), because if you have already met female housecarls the information about them might get stored in your savegames and this information will overwrite the data from my mod. But if you just want to install the replacers for your male Housecarls Argis and Calder - it is irrelevant how far in the game you are. You can install Argis and Calder files any time.

- Note that if you have separate Housecarl's files (not the full pack) you must tell NMM to install every next file normally(by clicking "NO") and overwrite files(click "YES"). You cannot double-click in NMM to install every file -- NMM can't see the difference between mods coming from the same download page and thinks they are all the same mod. You must install every file in NMM using the green arrow button, then tell it to install normally by clicking "No," then tell it to overwrite files by clicking "Yes to all".

Load order:
This mod's ESP/s should be loaded after UFO and AFT in the load order. If you use EFF the load order shouldn't matter.

Manual installation:
1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
2. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary.
3. Copy files to (install folder)SkyrimData
4. Start Skyrim Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file(s).

Manual uninstallation:

1. Start Skyrim Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file(s).
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod:

You'll also need to delete the associated facegendata files which are located in the following folders:

For Argis: 00A2C8C.nif,
For Calder: 00A2C90.nif,
For Ludwig: 00A2C8E.nif,
For Hjorr: 00A2C8F.nif,
For Joonas: 00A2C91.nif,

How to upgrade from the previous version:

1. Uninstall the old mod.
2. Install the new mod.
3. Start Skyrim and play. Sometimes the Housecarls need to be "recycled" for all the changes to take place.
To recycle the housecarl do the following:
1. take everything from housecarls inventory.
2. Open the console and click on the actor (you ill see the ref ID appeared on the top of the console).
3. Type [recycleactor] without brackets, hit ENTER and exit the console.

Note that in some cases a clean save before upgrade might be required.

Known Issues:

- If you use this mod and see a gap between the neck and the body, it is because your saved game contains changes to the NPC's weight - changes made in the console with the setnpcweight command, or changes made by a previous mod. I left Housecarls' weight exactly as it is in vanilla Skyrim, so this issue is not caused by my mod. To fix that issue you will need to clean your saves from these data. the information on how to do it is posted below.

- If you already encountered one or more female housecarls in your game, there's always a possibility that the female stance data got into your savegame and it is now in your save as a form of corruption. IT WILL OVERRIDE the new stance data from my mod causing the males who are replacing females to have feminine walking style. In this case it's recommended to start a new game with this mod loaded and it should be fine. If you are to far in your game and you want to install the mod - you might need to clean your saves from female stance data, so that your new male housecarls walk like men again. Please read the following information on how exactly you can do that.

How to fix the stance data (walking style) for the Housecarls you've already met in game:
1. Download Save game script cleaner
2. Open the save you want to clean in that tool,
3. At the bottom on the right site enter BaseID of your housecarl and click Delete and save.
4. Load your cleaned saved game and go search for your housecarl, the walking style problem should be fixed now.

Base IDs of the housecarls that are replacing females:
000A2C8E - Ludwig
000A2C91 - Joonas
000A2C8F - Hjoor

The housecarls that were males initially don't need this fix.

Compatibilities and incompatibilities:

- This mod modifies Housecarls' NPC records directly, you can bet it will conflict with any other mod that does the same. This includes UFO, which is an NPC mod (even though it is not advertised as such) because it alters Housecarls NPC records directly. As a result, if you are running UFO, this mod's plugins (and as a matter of fact any mods that alter Vanilla followers NPC records such as beautification mods) must all come after UFO in your load order, or you will get the infamous gray head bug. Also If you use UFO it might happen that your male housecarls who are replacing females will be forced by UFO to female animations. All you can do is try to use another follower framework. I recommend using Extensible Follower Framework by Expired, because it makes all necessary changes by scripts and does not edit NPC records directly as UFO does.

- This mod should not conflict with any mods that change Housecarls at runtime via scripting or quests. So aside from the warning about this mod's plugin/s needing to be below UFO and AFT in the load order, this mod is compatible with all follower control mods, such as UFO, AFT and EFF.


I've written a FAQ for you guys, and I'm regularly updating it. I really think it is worth reading and it can be helpful with many questions you have, but if you are ignoring it, you should not be surprised if the question which already has been addressed in the FAQ is ignored too.

FAQ and troubleshooting

Q: I am heaving a problem with installing the separate housecarls files with NMM. What am I doing wrong?
A: After you've installed one file you must tell NMM to install every next file normally (by clicking "NO") and overwrite files if it asks (by clicking "YES"). Remember, you cannot double-click on the file in NMM to install every next file - NMM can't see the difference between mods coming from the same download page and thinks they are all the same mod. So, you MUST install every file in NMM using the green arrow button, then tell it to install normally by clicking "No," then tell it to overwrite the files if it asks by clicking "Yes to all".

Q: My game crashes to desktop after the logo appears ;-; Why?
A: The game will crash if you don't have the required files. Check if you have the last version of Apachii Sky hair mod installed.

Q: What mods you are using on your images?
A:On my screen-shots you see the following mods:
Straight hair retexture by navetsea
Bright Eyes v1-3 by Skree000
Smooth Faces for Ladies and Gents and Wild Eyebrows Begone (Darker version) by pikkatze
Dragon Falls Manor by Mattcm919 - beautiful place where some of my night screen-shots were taken
Male Cleric Armor by NULL9 and Syndharos - used on comparison screenshots
Dragon jewelry-UNP-CBBE-male by SydneyB - Dragon amulet and earrings on screen-shots
Winter Is Coming - Cloaks by Nivea

Q: Can you make presets from HMH characters?
A: I already did. Check Miscellaneous Files section.

Q: I've installed a few more mods and my houscarls are females again, WTF?
A: It means that you've installed some mods which edit Housecarl NPC's records and now you have a conflicting mod installed. Remember: there is no such thing as a plugin file that changes an NPC just a little bit. If NPC is changed in any way - ALL the NPC's data is stored inside every NPC data record. So, a mod that just changes an NPC's voice will will also include all the other vanilla data about that NPC, including their sex and appearance data and thus potentially conflict with another mod that attempts to change the same NPC record. That is why your housecarls are back to female. If you want to keep those conflicting mods - you can try to reinstall my mod files over all those mods you have installed (don't forget to overwrite everything when you're reinstalling) and then move Hot Male Housecarls ESP files to the very end of your load order, so that HMH esp files go AFTER the conflicting mod esp files in your load order, but it might not be enough to prevent mod conflicts. If you want to avoid this in the future - be careful with the mods you're about to install, and check what exactly they do and what records they change before installing them.

Q: I've lost my housecarl, how can I find him?
A: Try to use "moveto <actor ref ID>" console command to move Player to specified actor.
E.g. ~ player.moveto 000A2C94 will teleport you to Ludwig
Ref IDs of other housecarls:
000A2C93 - Joonas
000A2C95 - Hjorr
000A2C96 - Clader
000A2C92 - Argis
NOTE: do not use "placeatme" command, because it makes a copy of the actor.
I also recommend UESP Wiki Entry on the Skyrim Console

Q: I am heaving a "gray head bug", what have I done wrong?
A: As it's been stated in the WARNING: This mod will conflict with any other housecarl mods. And by housecarl mods, I mean any kind of plugin file that attempts to modify anything about the housecarls in question. This is because there is no such thing as a plugin file that changes an NPC just a little bit. If NPC is changed in any way - ALL the NPC's data is stored inside every NPC data record. So, a mod that just changes an NPC's voice will will also include all the other vanilla data about that NPC and thus potentially create the grey head bug (and other bugs) when used with my mod.
- Changing your body replacer, skin or face texture will not cause the grey head bug, although it could be responsible for slight variations in skin tone and/or wrist, ankle and neck seams.
- You will get the grey head bug if there is a previously installed housecarl mod in your game and it comes after my mod in the load order. Make sure to uninstall any other housecarl mods completely, before installing my mod and keep my mod's file at the end of your load order.
- You will still get the grey head bug if there was a previously installed housecarl mod and you did not tell NMM to overwrite files when you were installing mod. Make sure to tell NMM to OVERWRITE the files.
- You most probably will have a grey head bug if you ever used SetNpcWeight console command on your housecarls NPCs in your game before. If you used SetNPCWeight on an NPC and then saved your game - you gave your NPC the grey head bug and it is now in your game save as a form of corruption. Because you savegame now contains FaceGenData of the NPC you used these commands on. This facegendata can and WILL owerwrite facegendata from mods and there is no way to get it out of your savegame and clean it from corruption.
NEVER use SetNpcWeight and SetSkale console commands on your NPCs. It conflicts with a mod's ability to control what NPC is supposed to look like.
REMEMBER: If your game saves already contain characters that you had used the console command, SetNPCWeight or SetSkale on, you have probably corrupted your game saves and the NPCs will have the gray head bug (and other bugs) as a result.

Thanks and Credits:

Thanks to yapi75 - for encouragement and inspiration.
Thanks to VectorPlexus - for the help and useful advices and for the inspiration ofc.
Thanks to migal130 - for the help and for his Migal's Housecarls Beauties mod, that was an inspiration for creating Hot Male Housecarls.
Thanks to Apachii - for Apachii Sky Hair mod and for all her advices and help with Blender.
Thanks to Geonox, Apachii, CD Projekt Red for the hair meshes from the Apachii Sky Hair mod.
Thanks to all my Nexus friends for testing the file for me and for making wonderful screenshots.
Thanks to JackTThompson - for stance fixing method.
Thanks to the creators of 7zip.
Thanks to NifTools team for Nifskope
Thanks to creators of Blender
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file's description was based on.
And last but not least many thanks to the Nexus Network, for providing and maintaining such a great place for modders to share their work.