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Migal's Housecarl Beauties

REQUIRES version 1.2 or above of Apachii's hair.

Apachii's Skyhair"

If you don't have Apachii's hair 1.2 or above, there is no point in downloading this mod.


This is my own version of Skyrim's housecarls, using Apachii's hair.

Lydia didn't need a lot of changing. Iona and Jordis were changed quite a bit, but not as much as Argis and Calder, who are now women, Arganna and Calderenne.

The only other things I added are:

- Fixed Lydia's marriage bug
- Their AI radius has been increased for greater sandbox range in vanilla homes.
- None of them walk like a male bodybuilder.
- They are not as tall as typical Nord women.
- Maximum level raised to 81 (there is no such things as "removing level caps"). The game simply stops counting at 81.
- They are essential while not following (any follower mod you use controls this while they are following)
- List of Perks:

Agile Defender ranks 1-4
Custom Fit
Overdraw ranks 1-4
Shield Wall ranks 1-5
Power Bash
Deflect Arrows
Juggernaut ranks 1-4
Well Fitted
Tower of Strength
Armsman ranks 1-5
Fighting Stance
Stealth ranks 1-5
Deadly Aim
Muffled Movement
Light Foot
Barbarian ranks 1-5
Champion Stance

I've left them in their vanilla housecarl (steel) gear. You can easily control what they wear using my other mod, Bathing Beauties. (Bathing Beauties)

I've left their weight exactly as it is in vanilla Skyrim. If you use this mod and see the neck separating from the body, it is because your saved game contains changes to the NPC's weight -- changes made in the console with the setnpcweight command, or changes made by a previous mod.

Downloadable as a single plugin for all five housecarls, or as separate downloads for each housecarl.

Make your life easy and just use NMM. Same with the uninstall.
If you're a die-hard manual installer, you'll know what to do with the files.

This mod will conflict with other mods that cosmetically alter Skyrim's vanilla housecarls. This includes UFO, which is an NPC appearance mod (even though it is not advertised as such). As a result, if you are running UFO, this mod's plugin must come after UFO in your load order, or you will get the infamous grey head bug.

Aside from the warning about this mod's plugin/s needing to be below UFO in the load order, this mod is compatible with all follower control mods, such as UFO, EFF and AFT.

I hand painted the makeup tint masks, but they will work with all face textures.

04/25/2012 V1.01 Updated Perks
04/23/2012 V1.0 Initial release

The screenshots were made using,
Apachii's Hair
Bella's faces
Nevenbridge's Natural Eyes the pool in the Suite.