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Migal's Housecarl Beauties
Cosmetic Improvements for All Skyrim and Hearthfires Housecarls

Such Cute.  Much Girl.

Vanilla Argis and Calder are now women, Arganna and Calderenne.
Hearthfires Gregor and Valdimar are now women, Gretta and Valaria.

Version 2.x comes with hairs from KS Hair Renewal built into the mod and is thus standalone. They will use whatever female skin and body you have installed.  Thanks to Kalilies, Stealthic Khaos and Shocky.

Version 1.x requires Apachii's Skyhair. (Specifically, Apachii Hair Full 1.5 or 1.6, plus Apachii Hair Females 1.5 - both plugins)


Non-cosmetic changes:

  • Fixed Lydia's marriage bug
  • Vanilla houscarl AI radius has been increased for greater sandbox range in vanilla homes.
  • None of them walk like a male bodybuilder.
  • Maximum level raised to 81 (there is no such things as "removing level caps"). The game simply stops counting at 81.
  • They are essential while not following.
  • They have a lot of perks based on their fighting styles and the perk list grows as they level.

Version 2 only:
  • Changed their default outfits and inventory so they no longer come with a shield or weapon. They are essential and cannot die, but you will have to give them weapons if you want them to be armed. I did this because I thought it was ridiculous to come home from adventuring and find my housecarl "relaxing" at the dinner table with a shield on her arm and a weapon at her belt. It didn't look very relaxing to me. Skyrim's magical hunting bow will still appear on them when they are adventuring with you. However, it disappears when they aren't adventuring, so it doesn't annoy me.

I've left their weight exactly as it is in vanilla Skyrim. If you use this mod and see the neck separating from the body, it is because your saved game contains changes to the NPC's weight -- changes made in the console with the setnpcweight command, or changes made by a previous mod.

Downloadable as a single plugin for all five vanilla housecarls, or as separate downloads for each vanilla housecarl.
Downloadable as a single plugin for all three hearthfires housecarls, or as separate downloads for each Hearthfires housecarl.

Make your life easy and just use NMM. Same with the uninstall.
If you're a die-hard manual installer, you'll know what to do with the files.

  1. If installing multiple version 2.x plugins your mod manager may warn you about overwriting files. You can answer either Yes or No and it won't matter. The version 2.x housecarls share some hair model and texture parts. That's all the warning is about.

Upgrading from Version 1.x to version 2.x

  1. Deactivate and completely uninstall version 1.x (delete the files).
  2. Install version 2.x

This mod will conflict with other mods that cosmetically alter Skyrim's housecarls. This includes UFO, which is an NPC appearance mod (even though it is not advertised as such). As a result, if you are running UFO, this mod's plugin must come after UFO in your load order, or you will get the infamous grey head bug.

Aside from the warning about this mod's plugins needing to be below UFO in the load order, this mod is compatible with all follower control mods, such as UFO, EFF and AFT.

I hand painted the makeup tint masks, but they will work with all face textures.

03/15/2016 v2.0
02/17/2016 V1.1 Add Hearthfires Housecarls
04/25/2012 V1.01 Updated Perks
04/23/2012 V1.0 Initial release

OMB and Tikky for managing my mods on the Nexus.
Kalilies, Stealthic Khaos and Shocky for hairs used in version 2.x

The screenshots were made using,
Apachii's Hair (version 1x screenshots)
Bella's Better Baces (and brows, less makeup V2)
Nevenbridge's Natural Eyes
Face Light by tktk1