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Last updated at 14:50, 4 May 2012 Uploaded at 13:20, 4 May 2012

Sneak perks added :
1.Stealth is now 8 ranks, all edited and increased.
2.Deadly Aim rank #2 : Sneak attacks with bows now do six times the damage.

Destruction :
1.Augmented Flames rank #3 : Flame spells do 75% more damage.
2.Augmented Frost rank #3 : Frost spells do 75% more damage.
3.Augmented Shock rank #3 : Shock spells do 75% more damage.

Speech :
Haggling is now 8 ranks, all edited and increased.

Onehanded :
1.Bladesman rank #4 : Attacks with a swords have a 20% chance of doing even more critical damage, and does bleeding damage, and ignore armor protection.
2.Dual flurry rank #3 : Onehanded attacks are 4

Marksman :
1.Hunter's discipline rank #2 : All arrows are recovered from dead bodies.
2.Steady hand rank #3 : Slows time by 75%.
3.Eagle eye rank #2 : Zooms in twice as much

Alchemy :
Alchemist is now 8 ranks, all edited and increased.

My email is [email protected], add me on msn if u have any suggestions or requests
I will keep adding perks, and will keep updating, i hope you like it :)

Now, Installation :
Copy all the esps into your skyrim/data folder
And check them in the data files list in the launcher

I made all the esps myself, they're separated.