Khajiit Marriage And Follower Mod by Clarota
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You want to marry Khajiit in Skyrim? Who says you can't?



This mod is exactly what it says on the tin, simple and easy. Debugging aside, I've removed the need for any console commands and hence increased immersion. Any bugs that applied to the original marriage system, however, I did not attempt to fix. So, this is basically how the mod works now:

Firstly, your character needs to learn from Ri'saad that, yes, in fact, the Khajiit /do/ marry, contrary to popular belief. ("What do the Khajiit think of marriage?") Your enlightened character will hence be able to initiate the marriage dialogue with all other Khajiit in the caravans. You may get Kharjo separately, as he has his own quest, and you /must/ get J'zargo separately as he's not part of the caravans.

Proceed with your marriage; it may be a little more crowded than expected, because I've added relationships between the caravan members to allow them to be witnesses to your wedding. And caravan leaders have a tendency to bring their entire caravan along. The more the merrier, right? In the same vein, though, after you confirm your marriage, your spouse will no longer be a caravan leader - if he or she was, in the first place. Your home will be blissfully caravan free, yay!

Anyway, your spouse may leave you immediately after the ceremony - this is a Vanilla bug - so chase him or her down to activate the house selection dialogue. I suggest selecting to live with your spouse first to prevent the Lover's Comfort bug - another Vanilla bug. Now, since your spouse doesn't quite have a house, per se, you can use the console (player.moveto ) to complete your visit to your spouse's house. But I've included a dialogue option ("So, this is what it's like in the caravans.") to settle it without the console.

Also, thanks to CelticWarrior17 from Steam for bringing this up, I've added dialogue so that it's now possible to recruit female Khajiit as followers. You'll have to use the console for this for now, until I get someone else complaining about immersion. My reasoning is this: Bethesda utterly overlooked Khajiit for marriage, which was "racist" and unfair. So, since I don't know their "plans" for which Khajiit they wanted to make marriageable, I made them /all/ marriageable. They did, however, assign certain Khajiit as followers (J'zargo and Kharjo), so there's a canon of sorts there and I don't really want to mess with that. Does that make sense? *Shrug* I suppose it's weird, but ah well.

This version of the mod is voiceless, because I'm still waiting on my voice actors, so you'll have to bear with the silence for a while. I have, however, forced subtitles so you know what's going on even if you're not really a subtitles person and don't have them turned on usually. Each dialogue's sound (silence) file lasts five seconds, so things might proceed a little slower but, again, please bear with it. There shouldn't be any compatibility issues or bugs, unless Bethesda releases another major patch like the one that killed my original mod.