Improved closefaced helmets by navida1
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Added: 26/04/2012 - 12:03PM
Updated: 13/07/2014 - 01:15PM

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Last updated at 13:15, 13 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 12:03, 26 Apr 2012

Improved Close Faced Helmets

Mod Description

this mod modifies and refines your close faced helmets such as daedric, ebony, steel plate and dwarven (along with optional imperial full faced helmet, Dawnguard full face helmets, nightingale hoods and guard helmets), so that your head is no longer sealed inside, the eye holes are now open, and it looks much cooler than vanilla!!! (IMO)
each race has it's own model appropriate for their size and figure type.

- spanish translation here:
Improved closefaced helmets Spanish translation by xlwarrior
Improved Closefaced Helmets -- Spanish by supercento

- russian translation here: Improved closefaced helmets Russian by Lomionz

Immediate Update Notes

Dragonborn helmets now available

Amidianborn Ebony Set compatibility patch added.


Use the mod manager or simply copy the .esp and the meshes folder to your skyrim data folder. and don't forget to select them in the skyrim launcher.

*this mod conflicts with mods that change the mentioned helmets' mesh models.


not compatible with long facial hairs... very long beards will clip through the helmet. (maybe that can be fixed... but not in a near time window).
apart from that, non for now... if you find any, please comment.!

Change Log

- Compatibility with Get snowy mod

- Fixed environment map scaling on ebony helmets (no more super polished helmets) + slightly modified male helmet

- imperial helmet bug fix

- Dawnguard helmets
- New Dwarven helmet for argonians
- New ebony helmet for argonians and khajits

- minor texture distortion fix on female nordplate helmet

Used Tools/Programs

3ds max 2010
bethesda's creation kit for skyrim

give credit and link if you want to use this in your mods.!

everyone is free to translate the mod into their native language while having a link back here.