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Last updated at 12:30, 9 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 12:22, 9 Apr 2012

It can be quite frustrating when looking through the inventory to locate items of a similar nature. I've renamed the ones which I look for most of the time so that they group together nicely by adding a prefix based on their type (e.g. "Arrow: Ebony" or "Jewellery - Necklace: Gold"). The sets I've renamed are:
- Arrows
- Gems
- Ingots & Ore
- Jewellery
- Soul Gems

I may do more in the future. The order I would probably do them in is:
- Food (would be useful if you are running the basic needs mod)
- Armour
- Weapons
- Potions
- Clothes
- Ingredients
- Clutter

Notes: I use SkyUI, which has sorting functionality. This mod will probably be pointless unless you use it but I strongly recommend getting it anyway if you haven't already.

Bugs: The thieves guild fishing quests may request items, which are named a bit weird as all it does is give an NPC a gem or such and then add "'s" on the front of the item name. (That's why the quest is buggy and will remove the wrong item from your inventory on completion). There's nothing I can do about it but it doesn't seem to break anything.