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If you have played Morrowind or Oblivion, you might have been surprised to find out that some of the racial traits and bonuses are quite different in Skyrim. This mod is an effort to make the races more consistent with both Oblivion and Morrowind.

What this mod does...
Adjusts Skills bonuses to be consistent with Oblivion, Morrowind and descriptions
Adjusts Racial Resistances & Traits to be identical to Oblivion
Vampire versions of races changed also so that changes will remain upon contracting Vampirism.

this mod does NOT...
Add to or change vanilla Skyrim "Powers"
Change Racial Heights

New Racial Skill Bonuses, Resistances & Traits (See key below)

Altmer (High Elf)
+10 Destruction+
+5 Illusion- Conjuration Alteration Enchanting Alchemy+

+100 Magicka^
75% Disease^
25% Elemental Weakness (Fire, Frost & Shock)^

+10 llusion++
+5 Alteration Restoration Alchemy+ Lockpicking- Sneak
Light Pickpocket

75% Disease^
100% Poison^

Bosmer (Wood Elf)
+10 Archery Sneak+
+5 Pickpocket, Alchemy, Light

75% Disease^
50% Poison

+10 Conjuration Restoration+
+5 Alchemy Alteration Illusion

+50 Magicka^
50% Magic

Dunmer (Dark Elf)
+10 Destruction One-Handed++
+5 Light Sneak Archery+
Alchemy Alteration Illusion

75% Fire^

+10 Restoration Speech++
+5 Heavy One-Handed Enchanting
Block Destruction

Imperial Luck

+10 Sneak Pickpocket+
+5 Lockpicking One-Handed Light+
Alchemy Archery

Claw Attacks

+10 Heavy++
+5 Two-Handed- One-Handed Block Smithing Restoration+
Light Speech

50% Frost

Orc (Orsimer)
+10 Heavy Smithing+
+5 Block One-Handed Two-Handed

25% Magic^

+10 One-Handed
+5 Destruction Two-Handed+ Heavy+ Speech+ Light+
Alteration Archery Block Smithing

75% Disease^
75% Poison^


Red - Skill Bonus was +10 or higher in BOTH Oblivion and Morrowind
Aqua - Skill first received bonus in vanilla Skyrim and is left in place by this mod
Plain - Skill bonus was +5 or higher in either Oblivion or Morrowind
strikethrough - Vanilla bonus removed because skill/trait was not boosted in Oblivion or Morrowind

++ added 10 points to skill bonus
+ added 5 points to skill bonus
- subtracted 5 points from skill bonus
^ Racial Resistances/Traits changed to match Oblivion

Version History
Adjusted Argonian skill bonuses to be more fitting and balanced.

Adjusted skills bonuses to be consistent with both Oblivion and Morrowind
Adjusted racial resistances and traits to be identical to Oblivion
Applied changes to vampire and child versions of races

Methodology & Rationale Used
  • Skills that received +10 or higher bonuses is BOTH Morrowind and Oblivion were changed to +10.
  • Skills that received at least +5 in BOTH Morrowind and Obliion were changed to +5.
  • Skills that has not received bonuses at all in previous games were removed with a few exceptions as explained below.
  • Pickpocket was not previously as standalone skill but was incorporated into Sneak and was only given to the two races that have consistently been described as thieves.
  • Argonian female phase has been described as "highly intelligent, and gifted in the magical arts" with males having the "traits of the hunter". Illusion was boosted in both games previously so They were +10 Illusion which complements stealth.
  • Dunmer had not previously received a bonus to stealth until vanilla Skyrim. I left the Stealth bonus in place as the description had been changed to explicitly say they are noted for stealth and because they are typically regarded as an assassin archetype.
  • Imperials had several skills boosted in prior games that were consolidated. Their speech bonus was restored and the vanilla bonuses to Restoration and Enchant were left in place.
  • Redguards also had many of their previously boosted skills consolidated and after matching them up with previous games there was still room so the vanilla bonus to destruction was left in place in keeping with an offensive orientation.
  • All resistances and innate characteristics were made idential to Oblivion because genetic changes seem highly unlikely in the small span of time between Oblivion and Skyrim.

My Other Mod....
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This was my first mod. Comments, Feedback and Suggestions are welcome.