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Added: 18/03/2012 - 05:05AM
Updated: 27/08/2012 - 10:16AM

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Last updated at 10:16, 27 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 5:05, 18 Mar 2012

If you want to support me, and see many more mods added to the compatability list, please download the mod configuration from this link;

Thank-you very much for your support!

This custom configuration for Categorized Favorites Menu adds support for some mods.
The settings were designed for a 24 inch screen with 1920x1080 resolution.

Requires Categorized Favorites Menu to be installed first.
Please download and endorse favemenumodder's mod;

To install;
Replace the favoritesmenu.cfg in '[Skyrim directory]\Data\Interface' with this one
or install using NMM

Compatible mods;

Better Sorting
Midas Magic
Carry Weight
Bound Dagger
JaySuS Swords
Weapons of the Third Era
Valdacil's Item Sorting
Vampire Upgrade
QD Inventory
Phenderix Magic Evolved
Transmute Spell
Dwarven Mechanical Equipment
tom349s Fist Weapons
Better Vampires by Brehanin 5_31
Apocalypse Spell Package
(Most Claw and Fist Weapons)
(Most Corset mods)
(More to come)

Any mods that don't rename or add any spells and/or items.

I would like to thank favmenumodder for creating the Categorized Favorites Menu, and Headbomb for creating Better Sorting. You have both make Skyrim much more PC friendly, and just overall better.

I would also like to thank all the modders who created the mods I use and have used, Bethesda for developing Skyrim, and the team at Nexus.