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Adds fully functional, scheduled patrols of almost every major faction across all DLCs, including Stormcloaks, Thalmor, Imperials, Silver Hand, Werewolves, Dawnguard, Travelers, Merchants, Bandits, Forsworn, Skaal, Redoran, Reavers and even Rieklings without over cluttering the world. Now also includes a Warzones like plugin with fort capture behavior. See video tab for previews.

=====What you need to Know=====

Clean save when updating from versions prior to 1.7 to update faction aggro adjustments.
To "clean save" all you need to do is save the game after disabling the mod and use that same save after installing a newer version.

Does not use scripts. Feel free to install and unistall worry free.
Tes5edit cleaned every iteration, no matter how small the change.
Everything respawns.
Fully compatible with Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn.
All plugins can be used at the same time or individually.
All enemies scale but relative to their expected strength.
Can be loaded anywhere in your load order, higher for integration, lower for compatibility.

=====Recommended Mods=====

Possessive Corpses Not needed if you use USKP. Cleans up dead bodies, weapons, ashes and more. Prevents save bloating!
Gameplay Performance ENB If you have a decent PC this ENB smooths low resolution shadows. Smaller maps improves stability and fps in large battles.

=====Incompatible Mods=====

Maximum simplicity and cleanliness makes this mod compatible with everything so far.

Open cities, although it doesn't crash and is fully compatible is not recommended as patrols can "leak" into and attack their enemies in your cities! This is because the AI sees towns as part of the open world and will determine that going through them is the fastest route. This won't happen in vanilla as I guided them away from towns and villages, don't worry.

=====How to Install=====

To install, simply uninstall previous versions of the mod and install the newest. Clean saves are not required.

=====Civil War Plugin=====

The Civil War plugin adds Stormcloak and Imperial patrols to Skyrim using vanilla NPCs to be as lore-friendly as possible. They will continue to patrol after the Civil War quest line has been completed.

=====Battles Plugin=====

Adds Moderately sized battles to four (for now) locations in Skyrim. When the battle is complete the winning faction will head to the nearest fort and either fortify or capture it. When the losing faction returns the two sides will duke it out again.

=====Bandit Plugin=====

The bandit plugin adds groups of bandits that travel from bandit "camp" to bandit "camp" with their own schedules but the route they choose is not predefined.

=====Travelers Plugin=====

The Travelers Plugin adds groups of traveling citizens and salesmen. Current groups of travelers consists of a merchant, his/her mercenary and a commoner. They travel to all the capital cities besides Dawnstar and Winterhold for "lore" reasons. Once they have arrived in a city they will head into an inn or bar where they will sit, interact and continue to trade with the player until the next day. You can meet them on the roads just as you would any other npc in this mod.

=====Werewolf Plugin=====

The Werewolf plugin adds Werewolves to some of the caves in Skyrim. It also adds groups of 3 Silverhand Npcs that may find the player if in Werewolf form. Fully compatible and affected by other werewolf mods. The silverhand even attack followers that transform into werewolves as long as they are part of the playerwerewolffaction.

=====Dawnguard Plugin=====

The Dawnguard Plugin adds groups of Dawnguard patrols to Skyrim. They spawn with both humanoids and dogs.

=====New Factions Plugin=====

The New Factions Plugin currently adds two timeline friendly and established factions to the game. Witchhunters, enemy to all necromancers and Dragon Cultists, enemy to the Dragonborn and all who oppose the Dragons.

=====Mercenaries Plugin=====

The Mercenaries Plugin adds Mercenaries to some of the Holds in Skyrim. If you have a bounty in their specific hold they will find you. Unless you can defeat them you will have to find a generic guard to surrender to or pay your fine. I suggest running.

=====Dragonborn Plugin=====

The Dragonborn plugin adds Reavers, Redorant Guards, Skaal Hunters and Rieklings to Solstheim. Most of these patrols are completely free roaming.


If anyone from this mod dies they'll respawn after 10 ingame days.

How it works, taken from The Unofficial Elderscrolls Pages: "For any area to respawn, the player must not enter the area during the specified time period (10 ingame days in this case). Each time the player enters the area, the respawn clock is reset.".

=====Planned Plugins=====

Patrols: Released
Bandits: Released
Werewolves: Released
Travelers: Released
Dawnguard: Released
Battles: Released
Mercenaries: Released
Dragonborn: Released
Factions: Released
Civilians: Wip
Quest Mods: Wip
More Guards: Wip
More Guards and City Attackers: Wip