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Requires: Dawnguard, Dragonborn, SKSE, and SkyUI.
Official Addons: Follow Me, Temper Recipes
It is highly recommended to start a new game.

The demons eat my soul and tear into my skin, the way I have lived gave them power through my sin. I look to the heavens and pray for forgiveness from the divine, while the demons devour my flesh and drink my blood... like wine.

Welcome to the. . .

An immersive experience and encounter mod.

What exactly is this mod? It is an immersive experience from cradle to grave. (The immersion begins with our unique website which details the features of SoT and from there, once the mod is installed, it will grant lore-friendly and immersive-dangerous encounters unlike any other mod you have had in your game.)

If you find yourself wanting to know more about this mod and what it does/add, you'll need to sacrifice and submit yourself to our website.
There, all answers will be given.

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