The Way of the Dovahkiin - Ultimate Deadly Encounters aka Sands of Time by Tonycubed2 and DiscipleDarkfriend with help by Darth Vella and Tunaisafish and fg109 and Melooo and Mujuro and DJjojo and Timmy19992 and mV_box and Mujuro and verteiron and Dheu and Spookyfx and Unahu and Slob and Refusedzero and Ghostagent and xilef11
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At its core "Ultimate Deadly Encounters: Sands of Time” ("Sot”) is an immersion mod that adds a consistent element of danger around every corner. If you have played through Skyrim and found as a whole it is somewhat lacking in an element that makes the genre stand out—random events—then you may quickly become a fan of SoT!

Think of this mod as the "event card” that makes playing RPGs so unique and exciting.
While playing with SoT installed, you can expect constant randomized encounters during:

* Your leisurely walk through the woods to grand mother’s house.
* The epic dungeon crawl that is the old-school fundamental mechanic of RPGs.
* Counting sheep wherever your nomadic tendencies has lead you to lie down.
* Standing around twiddling your thumbs while you wait and listen to the next good-for-nothing commoner’s sad story about whatever it is they complain about.

That’s just to name a few. The mod offers so much more, and we besiege you to traverse through the Sands of Time ( CLICK HERE! ) to engage in an experience that will reap further understanding of the journey you are about to embark on.

....Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

(Clicking on link will take you to an external site.)

Note: Mod has grown to the point where we felt it needed its own web page. This has allowed us to present the mod in a much clearer way and also allowed us to organize the SOT patches MUCH better. Please visit and browse the site. Membership registration will be opened soon, with posting requiring registration. Patches will not require an account. Main download stays here though a mirror will come later. However, a special "Hidden Vaults" section will only be available to the elite Spartans that have proven themselves over the past two years.

100 percent of ALL web site work was done by Ghostagent. I have been honored by his belief in the mod, and he has sacrificed MANY hours to make it possible. Please, thank him, give him kudos, give him praise. I am still amazed he did this.