School of Knowledge in Solitude and Markarth by yourenotsupposedtobeinhere
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I am no longer supporting this mod.

Thank you to all those who downloaded and endorsed. Thank you for the suggestions!!!

-Short Description-
- Three schools added (Solitude, Markarth and Rorikstead)
- 11 new NPC's (3 teachers, one cook, 7 new kids(3 in Markarth, 4 in Rorikstead))
- AI Changes to the kids to get them out of town (Solitude and Markarth)

-Long Description-
The AI of the children in Solitude and the one child in Markarth have been altered so that they attend school five days a week while their weekends are for them to do homework. This does not get rid of them completely, they will still have a bit of time to do what they normally do, but it reduces the odds of hearing "Papa says I won't be able to see Roggvir anymore, but he won't tell me why." They can be visited in the School from 7am till 3pm. There is 11 new NPCs, A mean spirited Darkelf and her cook in Solitude. A Nord woman named Sephorah who acts as the school owner and the Teacher in Markarth. There Is a female Breton teacher in Rorikstead. Several kids have been added and they all live at their respective Schools. The changes in AI does not effect any quests with the kids. The location of the Solitude School is just down the hill from Castle Dour and to the left. The location of the Markarth School is in between Understone Keep and Vlindrel Hall. There is a map marker for the Rorikstead school to make it easier to find. It is just behind Rorik's manor a bit. I use a lot of texture re-placers/ENB Graphics so the same might not be seen on your computer as the images I post here.

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-Future Plans-
~Making the cook a merchant.
~Possible future expansions for chapters in other cities