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Add the NPC adventurer parties to each towns and add many travelers to skyrim.

This is not "Additional Encounter Zones". All NPCs is continuous data in the Game and live the life of each NPC.

All NPC's race and male/female outfit and weapons is randomly selected, when spawn.
All NPCs is find next destination automatically and randomly and dynamically, From all location in the Game.
NPCs will discovered location in DLC. if you have DLC.
NPCs select outfit and weapons from leveledlist.

This mod does not direct reference to the Cell. Vanilla data is not modified at this mod.

NPCs respawn immediately to random location when died.
re-selection outfit and weapons and race and male/female at that time.
dead body is maintained for a while.

All NPCs not hostile to the player.

You can adjust the number of peoples by MCM Menu. if SkyUI installed.

- The initial values of Number Of Peoples -
Adventurers: 54
Travelers: 64
Robbers: 28
KhajiitAdventurers: 3
Dovahkiins: 6

-- Adventurers --
They are the adventurers three-person group.
The group consist randomly from Fighter, Caster, Rogue.
They are hunting bandit and creature during the day, in the dungeon and cave and bandit-camp. sometimes enter into a cave and dungeon.
Spend the night in city or town, as possible. they select different destination every time.
Adventurers has a friendship with Player and Travelers.

-- Travelers --
Travelers is nearly unarmed civilians.
They are back and forth between each city and town.
They enter the tavern and shop and temple in city.

-- Robbers --
They are the armed Robbers.
They search and kill travelers indiscriminately. but does not kill vanilla NPCs. and they cannot enter large city.
Adventurers is hostile to Robbers.
Town guard and citizens does not intervene in a this battle. this design for useless death avoidance for Vanilla NPCs.

-- Khajiit Adventurers --
They behavior is the same as Adventurers. Spend the daytime at Riverwood.

-- Dovahkiins --
The Dragon slayers other than you.
Their destination is Dragon's nest.
They wearing horned helmets and use the "Shout" in combat.

== Compatibility ==
Probably Has Compatible with all other mod.
Vanilla data is not modified at this mod.

Copy the all folder into your SkyrimData folder. if you want manual installation.

Recommended "clean save". If you have an version 0.4.


- Ver0.8a -
Better stability.
Updated Travelers outfit.
Reduced all NPC strength.

- Ver0.8 -
Better stability, specially for after game loading.
Added Dovahkiins.
NPCs Wandering behavior priority was reduced. Probably can recruiting NPC by AFT or another Follower Tweaks.

- Ver0.7 -
I renewed this mod and cleaned by TES5Edit.

NPCs spawn, respawn method Changed.
NPCs wandering method Changed.
NPCs find next destination and return location automatically and randomly and dynamically.

No longer to direct reference to the cell.

Adventurers level, equipment and strength was decreased.
MCM Menu added.

- Ver0.4c -
Meshes Included in a package(Sorry to keep pestering you, and Thank you for the information)

- Ver0.4b -
Facegen data Included in a package.

Some Adventurer's script is updated or disabled, for stability.

"Light" Version released.
Number of travelers decreased to 20 (Normal version is 40)
Number of Adventurers decreased to 35 (Normal version is 60)

- Ver0.4a -
Adventurers combat behavior updated. for correcting freeze or stutter bug(Thank you for information in the comments)

- Ver0.4 -
"gray faces issue" has been resolved probably.
Added one adventurer parties to Dawnstar.
Adventurers max level was decreased to 35.
Wrong equipments was corrected, Redguard and DarkElf rogues.

- Ver0.3a -
Adventurers strengths adjusted. more cheaper equipments and increase health, stamina, magicka.
LipSync problem fixed(Sorry, It was my fault)

- Ver0.3 -
Added two adventurer parties to Windhelm.

Added two adventurer parties to Markarth.

Amount of the adventurer's arrow fixed.

Adventurers sometimes will be looting the gold from dead body. when slay the bandit.

Adventurers to be hostile when the party member is under attack.

- Ver0.2 -
Add Khajiit adventures party to riverwood edge, They will have daytime sleep.

Travelers behavior updated. Stay in town a little longer.

Added two adventurer parties to Solitude.

- Ver0.1 -
Travelers visit more places, when stay in the town.

Added two adventurer parties to Riften.

Travelers is no longer essential.

Decentralized and relocated respawn point. for avoid crush.

Travelers behavior changed for more randomly.

Thank you for your comment And endorse.
I'm sorry about my poor English.