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Profile Manager

The Profile Manager lets you create 'profiles' to manage and separate out your saved games. Once your profiles are set up you can quickly switch between characters and/or players. You never have to worry again about your brother accidentally saving over your latest save.

  • Ability to create a desktop shortcut to quickly start the game with your profile. No messing around with the UI, once set up you can just click and go.
  • Manage profiles for Morrowind, Oblvion, Skyrim, Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas. Don't have one of these games, then you can just disable it.
  • Auto-create profiles based on character name.
  • Ability to specify which file is executed when starting a game (for example starting Skyrim with SKSE).

New in Version 1.4
  • Ability to add custom games.
  • Ability to detect changes to the profile folders and react correctly.
  • Ability to backup profile's saved games to either .zip or .7z.
  • Uninstaller.
  • Ability to export and import profile data.

Just download and unzip the file where you want.

Getting Started:
Just double click "Profile Manager.exe" to start the program.

If your games are not installed in the default location be sure to open the settings window and make sure that the Profile Manager has the correct settings for the game.

If you already have saved games, open the file menu and click "Auto Create Profiles" the Profile Manager will then sort your saved games into profiles, one for each character. If you don't already have saved games open the file menu and add a new profile.

Your ready to go.

If you need help using the Profile Manager a complete set of help documentation is available inside the program, and online at

Use the uninstaller located in the tools menu, or simply delete the folder where you unzipped the program to.

Java 6 or higher

Q: How do I get this to work with a script extender (SKSE, OBSE, etc.)?
A: Open up the settings window (File -> Settings) and select the appropriate game tab. Set the exe for the game to the script extender's executable (for Skyrim skse_loader.exe) and hit ok. Next time you launch the game, the Profile Manager will use the script extender to start the game.

Q: Does this work with profile/save game manager x?
A: Yes, the Profile Manager will generally work with most other profile/save game managers. In most situations all you will have to do is run auto create profiles and the Profile Manager will correctly detect any existing profiles.
This is know to work for Wrye Bash and Fallout 3 Savegame Manager (and ones based off of these, such as TES V Savegame Manager).

Q: I have a non-English version of the game, and the Profile Manager is not working correctly, what is wrong?
A: The Profile Manager is probably looking for your saved games in the wrong location, check in the settings window to make sure that it has the right location.
You may need to add skyrim_save_dir= + the name of the folder that contains your saved games to profile_manager.ini.
For example with an english version of the game it would read skyrim_save_dir=Saves
See for a full list of ini settings.

Q: Will this damage my saved games?
A: Short Answer: No.
Long Answer: No. The Profile Manager only touches your saved games when you run auto create profiles,
and then it only moves the saved games into different folders using the same
mechanism windows does to move files (so it is as safe as windows is). If it detects
any anomaly when moving the file it will stop, leaving the original file intact.
(Note: The Morrowind portion of the profile manager will move your saved games
whenever the profile is changed.)

Q: The auto create profiles doesn't correctly sort my saved games, what should I do?
A: This is generally caused by the Profile Manager not being able to correctly extract the character name from the saved game file's name.
There are two things you can do to resolve this problem. One, add this line to the profile_manager.ini file deep_scan=true this will cause the Profile Manager to read the character's name from the saved game itself, instead of trying to get it from the file's name. Two, you can manually sort the saved games into sub-folders in the saves folder, and then run auto create profiles.
If you are experiencing this problem, please either post a comment or PM me and include the exact name of one of your saved games so that I can try to resolve this issue.

If you encounter any bugs or have any enhancements you would like to suggest, either Private Message me or leave a comment. Including the error.log file when reporting bugs would be greatly appreciated.

Version 1.4.02
- Updated documentation.
- Read only ini files now correctly handled.
- Character directory name limit changed from 10 to 64.

Version 1.4.01b
- Fixed a bug with creating desktop shortcuts.

Version 1.4.0b
- Added ability to add custom games.
- Added ability to backup profile's saved games.
- Added auto-detect profile folder changes.
- Added ability to backup and restore profile data.
- Added uninstaller
- Added the ability to deactivate profiles.

Version 1.3.03
- Fixed a bug where changing a game's directory or executable would not save.

Version 1.3.02
- Added ability to modify how the auto create profiles scans files.
- Fixed a bug with building the ini file.
- Fixed a bug where manually typing in files in the settings window would not save the changes.

Version 1.3.01
- Added better error handling for missing files.
- Fixed Morrowind's auto create profiles to correctly extract character names.

Version 1.3.00
- Fixed a bug where the desktop shortcuts wouldn't create on some systems.
- Enhancements to the main interface.
- Added an executable file to start the program.
- Fixes to error logging.
- Fixed bug with non-english version of the game.

Version 1.2.07
- Fixed bug where starting certain programs would fail (for example SKSE). Thanks to matys89 for pointing me in the right direction.
- Profile Manager will now automatically select the active profile.
- Recompressed some images for smaller download size.

Version 1.2.06
- Update to the documentation.
- Changed where the documentation was stored.

Version 1.2.05
- Fixed bug where the shortcuts would not create.

Version 1.2.04
- Initial Release.