• written by Dragten   2 September 2012 10:35:40   6418 views   99 likes

    New project revealed.

    First of, I once again want to thank you all for your support for the Bandolier mod. Creator's best thing and motivation is the knowledge that his/hers creations are being loved and used.

    Second of all, Bandolier mod is not done with all the updates yet. It has been slow recently, but I promise you, the update is coming. I just don't know when.

    And finally, today I revealed a side project I have been working on. I don't tell much about it, as I would like it to bring the joy of discovery and mystery when it gets released at some unknown point in the future.
    The project is focused on creating unique, atmospheric and very detailed interiors which will tell a story without the use of dialogue, quest texts and whatnot.
    It features many new objects created specifically for the project to enhance the atmosphere. New models, modified models and retextured models.

    Here are some screenshots showing the place and some items that might be in the mod:

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