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Dark Beast (BCRich - Beast | Electric Guitar)


This is my first mod for TES4 - Oblivion, infact this is my first mod ever *gulp*! This adds a new weapon to the game based off the BCRich Guitar called "Beast", nothing like putting an "Axe" into your enemies skull,..sorry, couldn't help it! This mod has been a learning project, I basically downloaded the CS, NIFscope and a variety of other tools, and over a weeks hair pulling have produced this.

Video Demo:

Basic Stats:

Author: CKemu
Name: Dark Beast
Type: Blunt (Two Hand)
Weight: 40
Value: 6000
Health: 300
Speed: 0.8
Reach: 1.2
Damage: 40

Location: The Beasts Maw (Heartlands)
For a Reference to it's location see bcrich_location.jpg included with this mod.


Centuries ago a mage of some disrepute was experimenting with temporal magic, shunned from the Arcane University for dabbling in such ridiculous and often disasterous magical experiments, he travelled north to a small and then greatly unknown cave.

After many lonesome years of experimenting he suceeded in creating a small rift in the fabric of time, whilst only small he had underestimated it's power as objects from both sides of the rift where pulled from their time into each others.

After the rift had collapsed and the dust settled several objects lay around the mage, including a strange dark 'Axe', which fascinated the mage, he spent many years studying the objects and the words written on this dark object, he translated only one word - "Beast", given the object was made of a dark material he dubbed it "Dark Beast". Before this mage could announce his success and finally stand triumphant before the Arcane University and his peers something odd happened. The "Dark Beast"

had been effected by the temporal magic and with a large blasting sound the mage had never heard the likes of, emitted a great blast of energy that killed the mage where he stood, leaving not one shred of him!

Over the centuries that passed since that event, bandits and adventurers have looted this cave for it's strange items, however the Dark Beast was never disturbed due to fear of it. History records one of the bandits stole the diary of the mage and thus legend and then myth spred of an evil black object simply known as "Dark Beast" resided in this cave and no man or beast should ever wield it.

Stories tell that this cave inherited it's name due to the mythical object that resides in it...


Simply copy the _contents_ of the included data folder into your Oblivion data folder, if it asks you to overwrite any folders, simply say "Yes to All" when prompted, don't worry this does not overwrite any of your other mods or installed files.

To use this mod enable bcrich.esp from the Oblivion Launcher.


Lazy way is to simply toggle off the bcrich.esp from the Oblivion Launcher, to totally remove this mod remove the following files:


Final Notes:

Big hello to Refraction for pushing me to do this.
Credit to BCRich for their devilishly designed guitars.
Thanks to the many forums and CS wiki for giving me help and tutorials!

Hope you enjoy. CKemu