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Castle of night (Haunted Castle) mod: tribute to Castlevania VERSION 2!

By Sugawara


THANKS TO ELASSAR_VPR for pointing out my glaring mistake of not adding in the GETisID in to some of the dialog which is probably the cause of the bug where all NPCS had the dialog form the mod! i would not have even registered this problem as i am now deeply involved in either guild wars in my off time or in my grad thesis! i ope this fixes the problem for everyone who was having it!

Hello to all,

THis is my first mod for a game ever, I hope you like it. I tried to capture what I loved about the castlevania series.
THe castle is set up to be made of 5 mini dungeons with a "boss" (though some are not that strong) at the end of each.
I have made four new kinds of armor and they are things that you get off of the bosses when they are defeated.
Each boss holds a key to a door, therefore you must kill the four bosses to get the key to the last boss Mathias AKA Dracula.
all the monsters inside are leveled with the exception of a few and i have tried my best to stock pile in gold and items in a fashion
similar to a castlevania game.
What else can i mention, make sure you carry alot of potions as i also tried to make it relatively difficult. :)

On a sidenote, I left the Rinaldo map marker open to fast travel to, but i would hope that you first attempt to get to the castle on horse or foot.
( if you dont have a horse when you get there, you will when you leave :) )

To install:

extract the files from the rar to the oblivion/data folder.
(i hope this works as i have never tried to get file extensions to work inside of a RAR file)

TO begin the quest, please try to find Rinaldo in the town of bruma in the north of tamriel. he is hanging out in one of the buildings there.

IF you like the mod please let me know! if you do not, screw you, i worked two months on this from a knowledge base of nothing to what you see in here. i am very proud of what i have done and nothing other than praise and constructive critisism will even be acknowledged.

A very special thanks goes out to everyone at the TES oblivion official forums ( the CS section ) you all know who you are, I hwas an incredible pain in the ass to alot of you, but you hepled me anyhow and i finished it! THANKYOU FOR EVERYTHING!

also, if you look inside the chests in the masters chamber you will find a book giving the history of castlevania, I did not know the whole history myself so i grabbed it off the webpage " castlevania dungeon " please give great thanks to the owners of that page for the incredible job on piecing the story together for us castlevania fans!

My email: jigendaisuke14@hotmail.com

thanks again! i hope its as fun and frustrating for you to play as it was for me to build!!!