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Last updated at 1:18, 26 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 1:18, 26 Mar 2013

This mod adds a new realm; Arlatas. This mod is a BETA and requires SHIVERING ISLES.
Please post for any bugs, glitches, or any faulty experiences you encounter. Also post for whatever improvements you would like to see along with any other features you would also like to see.

Mankar Camoran had his own realm, the 16 Daedric Princes have their own realms, so why can't you? The Realm of Arlatas mod aims to change that fact. Upon completing the tutorial quest and leaving the sewer, the player should have a spell; "Teleport to Arlatas". ((If you are loading a current save file, you will have to use the "psb" console command to add the spell. Note that the "psb" command adds all other spells to your spell list as well.)) Upon using the spell, a loading screen will appear. After the brief loading screen, a portal back to Tamriel will be present. You will also be standing directly opposite of the Tower of Arlatas: your new Palace and Home.

This is a duplicate of Camoran's Paradise with a few major tweaks. Carac Agailor has been removed and replaced with the Tower of Arlatas. The Forbidden Grotto has also been removed and is now a door directly to the Ever-Garden (( formerly Savage Garden in Camoran's Paradise )) and vice versa.

You will still find a couple Daedra roaming around your realm but they can be easily dispatched. You may also encounter a few Ascended Immortals but they can be easily wiped out as well.

If you do not want to use the "psb" command, you can travel to Abandoned Mine and use the direct portal to Arlatas to your left as soon as you walk in.

This mod does not yet use any new meshes or textures. These are all vanilla items and gameplay objects along with a few items from the Shivering Isles. The player has a new home/palace, the "Tower of Arlatas". You will also encounter a few "Arlatas Warriors" that act as guardsmen to your realm. Look to the many screenshots to see the content and look of your new Home.

New clothes and armor have also been added. "Lord of Arlatas Robe", "Lady of Arlatas Dress", ((The dress is only for Female characters, obviously)) "Lord of Arlatas Blade", "Lord of Arlatas Armor", and "Crown of Arlatas".

All these new appearel items and one weapon can be found in the "Lord of Arlatas Wardrobe" container at the top floor of the Tower.

Shivering Isles DLC & The latest official patch of Oblivion.

This mod has been tested with 50 other mods and works flawlessly. As it is its own seperate world space, it shouldn't affect any other mod in any other way.

The "Arlatas Warriors" will still trash talk you even though they remain your loyal subjects.

No other issues yet, but this is a BETA. Please remember to post any issues you encounter.

Since this is a BETA, it doesn't include many features just yet. Please remember to post for anything else you would like to see or other abilities you would like to have as the Lord/Lady of Arlatas. Please remember to have fun! :)