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Added: 18/05/2006 - 04:47PM
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Phitt's Worthwhile Thievery Mod v2.0 Final


This mod aims to make the normal thievery more fun and worthwhile. There is a chance now
you may find a magic weapon, magic armor, a big amount of gold or (magic) jewelry in any
middle or upper class house. In every house (castles are also affected) of these categories
are roughly 0-3 chests which may contain such things. The items found are still leveled, so
you won't find ebony equipment at low levels. Same applies to the amount of gold and jewelry
found (for example from 200 Gold at low levels to roughly 2200 gold at high levels). It also
depends on the class of house, you will find slightly better equipment and more gold in
upper class houses. I have not changed the chests for lower class houses. In the rar file
included are six different versions of the mod: easy, normal and hard and the same three
with a "thrill" version, where you have a very, VERY small chance to find a higher leveled
item (eg ebony armor from level 12 on). You can read the exact statistics for each version
in the readme. Remember that not all chests in the houses are affected, only treasury, armory
and jewelry chests (CS language, these chests are mostly locked and in the bedroom or in the
private quarters). Not all houses have all chests, some may contain only a treasury chest,
others may contain no chest at all. Have fun.


Add the .esp file to your Oblivion\Data directory and use only ONE of the six versions
included. Check the mod in your Data files menu.


Only mods that edit the base of Chesthousexxx items should conflict (don't think there is
a mod like this). I added some new leveled items to the list, but I didn't change any of
the existing ones, your leveled mods should still work fine. There is a minor conflict with
"Guild Ownership" (thanks to Xanias) right now, the mods (Guild OShip & Thievery)
still work fine, but the 24 chests which I replaced don't have a rank requirement anymore.
Will soon be fixed with a version especially for "Guild Ownership" users.


There was one small "bug", read below for details, fixed now.


Changes from v1.0 and v1.1:

I counted EVERY single chest affected by this mod in the gameworld (me crazy, you know) to
get an exact idea of how to set the percentage rates. I also changed the locks for many
chests, only about 70% were locked by default, now 95% are locked(only the treasury chests
which I changed, I didn't touch any of the normal clutter, dungeon or whatever chests!). There
were some chests of the used categories in the Mage's and Fighter's Guilds, I exchanged
them for "normal" versions (behave and look like the originals in vanilla Oblivion), so there is
no chance you can get magic equipment or sacks of gold for free if you're a guild member.
I further polished the leveled lists, although I said they were perfect ;-). Furthermore I added
a "Thrill" version, see readme for details. The older versions work good as well (except for
that little guild bug), but now it's really perfect and as long as there are no bugs, this
will be the final version.