Suliin Village by Jagnot and Sacryn
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            Welcome to Suliin Village!
                     Gateway to Elsweyr

This is Jagnot & Sacryn's ORE Village Challenge Entry. It adds the village of Suliin to the game world.
Located west of Bravil on the Elsweyr mountain border. This mod was hosted on the ORE website
for a very long time. The original authors gave blanket permission for use, so I did some fine tuning
and uploaded here on Nexus. This version has been very thoroughly cleaned with TES4Edit. Now that
the ORE website is gone I believe this is the only copy of Suliin still available for use.


This mod adds a village containing 4 npc houses, a tavern/store, a chapel and a house the player can buy.
Also adds a large lake across the Elsweyr borders, and a large forested area surrounding the lake. You
will need to disable your game borders in the ini file or via a border removal mod in order to use this.

Flowing from the large lake above, there are several stages of ponds and waterfalls that cascade down
the mountainside into the river near Bravil. There is a trail leading east out of the village which connects
to Bravil. In the opposite direction, the trail leads west up the mountain to Elsweyr. Along the trail to
Elsweyr you will find a lookout area with seating for four. 

This mod fits into the area perfectly in a vanilla game, providing excellent screen shot opportunities of
Bravil and the surrounding areas. Among many other fixes, I have added "Suliin" road signs at the main
highway junction and near Bravil. Included as optional downloads there are four compatibility patch
files that cover various combinations of Suliin, Elsweyr: The Deserts of Anequina, Tales from Elsweyr
Anequina, and Unique Landscapes-Bravil Barrowfields. This allows players to use Suliin, conflict free, 
alongside other popular mods that edit the same area.

ONLY USE one patch file at a time. Choose only the patch that corresponds to the mods you have loaded.
Do not use any of these in conjunction with Vorians "Suliin-BravilBarrowfields" patch, or with David Brashers
patches. Using them together will cause glitches. I cannot be too clear on this.

Read -me files and load order instructions are included with each of the individual patch downloads. I
have play tested each of these files extensively. However, given the very large areas involved here and
the sheer number of objects added, I may have missed something. If you find any mistakes please leave
a comment and I will address it.


West of Bravil. The map markers will display on your map, but you need to hoof it there at least once in
order to "discover" the location.

Revision Info

The original plugin was either created with an early version of the construction set, or simply just rushed
into existence and not properly cleaned after creation. Not sure which, but the result was a dirty mod which
edited random cells half the world away from the mod location. This caused numerous problems which included
blacking out the local map due to a game bug with cell 3,3.

I have thoroughly cleaned the plugin with TES4Edit removing a very large amount of dirty edits, and further
manually removed dozens of other random wild edits. File size has been pared down to about 2/3 the size of
the original mod. Before cleaning there were edits to over 180 game cells.The actual physical foot print now
covers a total of 68 game cells (still a large mod by any standards), most of which is taken up by the lake,
forest, and waterfalls added by the mod. The village itself is really not too big compared to other villages. 


1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
2. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary.
3. Copy files to Oblivion\Data
4. Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file(s).


1. Conflicts with Unique Landscapes-Bravil Barrowfields. Patch by Vorians available here on Oblivion Nexus,
    Unique Landscapes Compatibility Patches page. Alternate patches available here on this page as well.

2. Conflicts with Elsweyr: The Deserts of Anequina. Patches available here as separate downloads.

3. Conflicts with Tales from Elsweyr Anequina. Patches available here as separate downloads.

No other conflicts reported at this time.


Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
Jagnot & Sacryn for creating this and giving permission to use it

Legal mumbo jumbo

All of the original resources and original mod content were created by and belong to others. If you wish to use any of
it, you need to follow the requirements in the original read-me files. I am very much open to sharing this updated file
and the patches, but you need to ask first and of course give credit where due.

As with my other UL related patches, Vorians has permission to link these to the Unique Landscapes Compatibility page.