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Ice cold springs rise in the Mountains and unite to a creek that feed Lake Arrius north of Cheydinhal and continues its way to the southeast. In the eastern part, the landscape is sparse and rocky while the tree density increases when going westwards, repeatedly interrupted by big groups of rocks. Unrestrained by its stony streambed, the water rushes downwards in the steep, sharp gorge it milled out during eons. Roaring waterfalls form an impressive scenery in the otherwise sparse landscape.

At some places, humanoid traces are highly visible: Chopped trees lead to a charburner's camp and bridges offer a safe way to pass the stream. Some resourceful craftsmen learned to utilise the power of the streaming water: In a water driven hammer mill, supplied with ore from the nearby mine, tools get manufactured, and a grinding mill, powered by the water, produces granite plates.

Lake Arrius is a deep and cold mountain sea, whose shore line is mostly formed by overhanging rocks. Its depth takes most of the power of the rushing water masses. From the lake, the water finds its way to the lower regions of inner Cyrodiil in a more calm, but not less impressive way.

Unique Landscapes (short: UL) is based on the vision of a diversified and beautiful Cyrodiil. Imagine a world where exploring not only means to find new enemies and treasures but to enjoy gorgeous landscapes, a world where every step could lead to a new and unique visual experience. That is the Cyrodiil UL is working on.

To achieve a goal that huge, the UL project consists of multiple single mods. Each mod modifies a part of Cyrodiil, following a single theme. Usually UL mods get developed completely independently from each other. This way each modder has a maximum of freedom to work on his or her vision, so every UL mod gets its own style and contributes to the diversification of Cyrodiil.


Unique Landscapes project

Important Notes

Please visit the Unique Landscapes Compatibility Patches page for a list of known and patched conflicts.

All UL mods are compatible with each other. However, there is one issue arising from the limitations of the game's graphic engine: Landscape LOD may overlap for different mods.
To make the landscape look the same in the distance as it does up close, you need to download two tools. Use the Landscape LOD Generator TES4LL to create distant ground, and use TES4LODGen to create distant objects. These tools create entirely different things so there is no conflict between them, and both should be run after you have sorted your load order using BOSS. The results will be unique to your personal game, not a generic combination of only the most popular mods.

To use Arrius Creek together with Rolling Hills, it is important to make sure that you have version 1.3 or higher of Rolling Hills installed, otherwise gaps and glitches in the landscape will happen!

If you would like to have a proper connection between the Arrius Creek and the lake from Ancient Yews, please also download and install the UL Ancient Yews & Arrius Creek Yews Patch. To make it work, you have to adjust your load order to first load Ancient Yews, then Arrius Creek and finally the patch. IMPORTANT: Don't rename these three .esps, otherwise the patch may cause problems and maybe even CTDs!

Licence information

The Animated River Meshes by Texian are available as modders resource.
Every other new model in this mod may not be changed without the agreement of RA II. It is allowed to use them in other mods as long as the maker is acknowledged in the readme. He is reachable at [email protected]

This mod as a whole:
Redistribution and modification of this mod is prohibited without explicit permission. Please don't upload it to any sites without asking me and the UL council first.