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Added: 24/05/2010 - 08:25AM
Updated: 29/10/2010 - 11:39AM

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== Deadlier Creatures ==

This mod alters attack animations of most creatures so they can either walk/run while attacking or they can move over a longer distance or move at all in case their animations didn't allow combination with movement animations (like jumping, kicking etc). The reason for the mod is simple: by default you can run away from almost all creatures, no matter how fast they are. Even though the creatures may be directly behind you they never hit because their animations make them stop for a short while each time they attack. It is also not very hard to avoid hits from most of the creatures even if you don't run away. Some creatures, like wolves, boars or minotaurs, even have animations that are so slow that walking backwards is enough to avoid their attacks.

Now wolves for example will bite you to death if you try to flee from them. Boars will be able to hit you. You can't avoid a minotaurs hit by simply taking a step back. And so on.

= Installation =

In the 'DeadlierCreatures' folder provided in the archive you will find five folders called 'Default', 'Francesco', 'Martigen's Monster Mod', 'Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul' and 'Shivering Isles'. Just pick the folders for the mods that you are using plus the default folder and copy the content of the folders (starting with meshes folder) to your Oblivion\Data folder. If asked to overwrite choose 'yes'.

= Compatibility =

This mod is compatible with any other mod that doesn't alter power attack animations of creatures.

= Changelog =

- initial release

- overhauled almost all creatures
- fixed bad looking Troll anim and broken (broken in vanilla!) Ogre anim
- added support for MMM, OOO and SI

= Credits =

Thanks to ShadeMe for the Pyffi batch file template, it worked great
Thanks to the Pyffi team for making it possible
Thanks to the Niftools team

= Permission =

You can do whatever you want with this mod, just give credit.