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Added: 01/03/2010 - 09:48AM
Updated: 21/02/2015 - 10:45PM

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Last updated at 22:45, 21 Feb 2015 Uploaded at 9:48, 1 Mar 2010

Released by request.

I take no responsibility for anything this mod does to you. Do not use this mod if you disagree with my statement. (Hmmm...These sentences were copied from my statements for another mod...Sounds like I always release something negative...)

OBSE15 or above is required. This mod was written about one year ago. I don't know whether there are issues for it to work with newest version of OBSE.

Put AK_corpses_collector.esp into your game data folder and active it.

Add two spells:
Cast "Collect corpse" to a dead human or monster body to add it to player's inventory. (How to drop it? Just like how you throw out other items -- Open inventory, hold Shift and click it.)
The other spell which was named "Dispose" does the job what its name tells you.


Q&As: (though i cant do it very often)

Q:Do the bodies still disappear after the respawn period after you drop them? Or do they become permanent like other items.


Q:do you mind us borrowing the code/concept as long as we give you credit?

A:Go ahead.

Q:Tried the mod and it works the first time you collect a corpse. You can drop it, but from there it doesnt work again.You also cant loot a corpse after its dropped. May not be related but a save and reload afterward was corrupt.

A:This mod was firstly released on another forum in May, 2009. I did receive 2 similar complaints in 9 months...but 99% people didn't have such issues. Possibly you got some mod conflicts.