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Wrye Morph allows the player to shapeshift between multiple shapes or identities. Each shape/identity is physically distinct (race, gender, hair, eyes, face), and has its own equipment, class, faction memberships, and stats (level, health, magicka, attributes, skills, fame, infamy, crime gold, murderer flag). One character can be the famous, melee specialized head of the Knights of Nine; another a conjuration focussed Archmage; another an infamous, roundly hated thief.

Beyond the above – not only can you shift between between entirely new shapes, you can also doppelgang existing NPCs. Step into their shoes and shawls, walk around their homes without trespassing, take their stuff without stealing. Be the Countess of Bruma or that annoying beggar on the streets of the Imperial City.

Succubi/Seducers Mod
Credit where credit is due... Wrye Morph is based on the shapeshifting technique developed by Breeze582000 for his Succubi/Seducers mod. It's a very cool approach involving a complicated interchange between OBSE, Breeze's own OBSE extension and Wrye Bash. I've expanded that approach quite a bit, adding doppelganging, stats, faction, and equipment morphing.

No Newbie Warning
Complex Setup
• Wrye Morph is a complex mod to setup. While the end result seems pretty simple (cast the spell, and hey! you're someone else!), making that work is pretty darned complicated. In fact, the user must install four separate support tools/mods for it to work! Worse, there are a couple of steps that must be taken every time you start the game.
• In other words, Newbie, be gone! This mod is for advanced, experienced players only.
• In practice, if you already have and use both Wrye Bash and OBSE, then using this mod will be fairly easy. If not, then you should probably get used to those tools before thinking about using Wrye Morph.

Warning: Compatibility
Wrye Morph breaks several of the most fundamental assumptions of the game:
1) The player is essentially a single character, progressing upwards in skills.
2) The player belongs to a limited number of playable factions and never leaves those factions once joined.

Because Wrye Morph breaks these fundamental assumptions, some things in the game can just get messed up. Moreover, some otherwise well behaved mods will clash badly (resulting in crashes) when mixed with Wrye Morph.

Wrye Morph is wildly cool, but it's not for newbies. And its not for people with certain mods. And its not for people who need a lot of hand holding while playing mods.

For more information, see the Readme at WryeMusings (also included in the download).