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This is a great mod by Dominic Watson which ive been using sinse release, but i noticed it hadn't been updated for the release of Shivering Isles, i assume Dominic had finished with this mod so i decided to update it myself to version 1.4, i also made this mod compatible with MMM (Martigens Monster Mod) food:

================== REAL HUNGER V1.4 =====================

Author: Dominic Watson, edited and updated by Thingamajig
Date: 6th May 2007 (1.3 was released 4th May 2006!!)
Description: If you don't eat, you get hungry!

=================== FEATURES============================

* Level of hunger is unlimited (0=Stuffed -> inf=somewhat hungry). So in theory, if you were a God, you wouldnt need to eat.
* When you view the stats menu, a message appears displaying how much food you need to be fully stuffed.
* When you get hungry, messages appear to tell you that you need food.
* The following stats are effected by hunger: Agility, Endurance, Strength, Willpower & Personality.
Health & fatigue are not directly effected but your max health and fatigue will diminish as your stats are drained.
* Every player can go without food for 10% of their endurance level (in hours), after that, hunger will increase 1pt per hour.
* Hunger is restored when eating using a Restore Hunger effect. It is thus possible to make Hunger Restore potions by mixing different food items.
* Different foods will restore hunger at a lesser or greater level. The list is as follows:

1 unit foods:
- Blackberry
- Carrot
- Onion
- Radish
- Strawberry
- Lichor
- Abrosia

2 unit foods:
- Apple
- Cheese Wedge
- Grapes
- Leek
- Orange
- Pear
- Tomato
- Wheat Grain
- Aster Bloom Core (SI)
- Tobacco* (no idea why bethesda has rated this as "food"...)

3 unit foods:
- Loaf of bread
- Corn
- Potato
- Pumpkin
- Rat meat
- Rice
- Lettuce
- Sweetroll
- Felldew (SI)
- Alocasia Fruit (SI)

4 unit foods:
- Crab meat
- Jumbo Potato
- S'jirra's Famous Potato Bread
- Sweetcake
- Leopard Meat (MMM)
- Panther Meat (MMM)
- Dog Meat (MMM)
- Wolf Meat (MMM)

5 unit foods:
- Mutton
- Cheese Wheel
- Ham
- Dog Food (SI)
- Lion Meat (MMM)

6 unit foods:
- Guar Meat (MMM)
- Smoked Baliwog Leg (SI)
- Watermelon
- Boar Meat
- Pahmer Meat (MMM)

7 unit foods:
- Bear Meat

8 unit foods:
- Beef
- Shepherds Pie
- Venison
- Horse Meat (MMM)

*Made Compatible With Shivering Isles food, and Martigens Monster Mod food.

=======================UPDATE HISTORY======================

---------UPDATE 1.3 -> 1.4

*Added hunger effects to all --but one-- of the "food" classed ingredients in the game, that includes the Shivering Isles ingredients, as well as the new meats from Martigens Monster Mod (MMM, ver 2.0.1), the one ingredient i didn't add the hunger effects to was Nirnroot (yes, beth classed this as a "food" ingredient), as its a quest ingredient and i didn't want it to screw up the quest(s) that involved it.

*Also changed a few of the foods "unit level" to a more realistic one, these are: Watermelon, Mutton, Boar Meat, and Beef

--------- UPDATE 1.2 -> 1.3

* Fixed bug that enabled NPCs to eat for you. Credit to PS33 on ElderScrolls forum.

--------- UPDATE 1.1 -> 1.2

* Really Fixed stat drain bug.

--------- UPDATE 1.0 -> 1.1

* Fixed stat drain bug. Stats were not being refreshed after eating! They are now.


Pretty simple, just place the RealHunger.esp file in your C:/program files/bethesda softworks/oblivion/data directory then activate the mod in the Oblivion Mod Manager list (If you dont use OBMM, your game wont last long..)

one important note, if your using MMM (Martigens Monster Mod) and Shivering Isles, ENSURE THE REALHUNGER.ESP MOD LOADS AFTER (that is to say, "below" them in the Oblivion Mod Manager list) BOTH OF THIER ESP'S, IF THIS IS NOT DONE THE GAME WILL FAIL TO LAUNCH!!!

=====================FROM THE AUTHOR=======================

Have fun


=====================FROM THINGAMAJIG======================
I'd love to hear your feedback, any bug reports, compliments, rants etc, email Thingamajig:


this readme is practically a copy of the one Dominic Watson supplies with Real Hunger v1.3 (i just changed the layout a bit) and as you can see he never said to not edit or distribute without his permission. however, i apologize to Dominic in advance if he takes offence for me not getting permission to do this, the only excuse i have is that i could not find any means to contact him