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Arrows of the Ayleid King

by: FlyFightFlea, Hobbs, & Nicoroshi

A long time ago the mighty Ayleid Kings ruled the lands of Cyrodil.
War broke out between them and one by one the kingdoms fell, until there were none.

Their knowledge was lost...
...but not forever.

Arrows of the Ayleid King features a variety of custom scripted AOE magical arrows/effects, new arrow model/textures, and a quest into the tomb of an Ayleid King to obtain the ability to create them.
The arrows have unique magical properties and can be used not only on your enemies, but also the physical environment that surrounds them (walls, ground, ceiling, ect.).

The mod also includes Full Voice Acting, Custom Creatures, Three Stage Quest with New Bosses and Cinematic Scenes.

**This mod was originally created to find a use for Ayleid Welkynd stones and is designed for higher level characters.

Tomb of the Ayleid King, located east of Bruma (Jerral mountain area).

Arrows and Effects:

Ayleid Flare Arrow: (Lights up dark areas for a duration).
Ayleid Frost Arrow: (Frost Damage + Paralyze).
Ayleid Shock Arrow: (Shock Damage + Drain Fatigue)
Ayleid Fire Arrow: (Fire Damage + Disintegrate Armor).
Ayleid Poison Arrow: (Damage Health + Weakness to Poison).
Ayleid Anti-Magic Arrow: (Damage to Magicka + Weakness to Magic + Silence).
Ayleid Flash Arrow: (Blind your foes).

Crafting Arrows:

**The following represents the individual items needed to craft the various Ayleid Arrows.
The quantity required for each item depends on the number of arrows you wish to create.

Arrow Shafts (required to enter crafting menu mode)

Ayleid Flare Arrow = Welkynd Stones + Ectoplasm
Ayleid Frost Arrow = Welkynd Stones + Frost Salts
Ayleid Shock Arrow = Welkynd Stones + Void Salts
Ayleid Fire Arrow = Welkynd Stones + Fire Salts
Ayleid Poison Arrow = Welkynd Stones + Impgall
Ayleid Anti-Magic Arrow = Welkynd Stones + Daedra Hearts
Ayleid Flash Arrow = Welkynd Stones + Glow Dust


It is strongly advised to run this mod after MMM, Frans, and OOO.

[email protected] or PM on ESF forums.

[email protected] or PM on ESF forums.

PM on ESF forums.

Additional Credits:
MadCat - Ayleid Amulet.
Phitt- Creatures.
ScruggsyWuggsy The Ferret - Additional Scripting.
Jules - Voice Acting.
Knux Econa - HEX Editing.
lhammonds - Readme Generator.

Please do not revise or re-release this mod without permission from the authors.