After discussion with Haskill, Miranda -you guessed it- back without waste any time for the mill. As specified by Haskill, she found the chest with everything she wanted and even more... a note was attached to a hat.

''This is my farewell gift. According to my sources, all the pirates who stole you survived to their bad luck during their disappearance. I also learned their whereabouts. Check the location on this map. The most interesting is that they are organizing a party with regulars of the Tania's tavern, those same people who made you drink the mix of vergrain and cognac and then attempted an assault on you.. I enclosed a large quantity of vergrain and cognac sufficient to distract everyone. On the other hand, a very famous pirate forgot her clothes here. So you will also find them in this chest. There is a huge load of gunpowder on board. Do not expect me to take you by the hand..., you'll surely know what cope with the wealth of these informations.

Your henceforth forgettable Haskill.''

Wow! thought the young woman, literally dazed. Recovered from her surprise, she quickly made ​​an inventory of the possibilities. She had kept the invisibility potions acquired during her first quest for the pirate ship. She also had knowledge of telekinesy spells learned at the Mages Guild, which will be useful for the safe transport of beverages on board. That was all she needed for the right running of the project. Hem...Morano just have to wait, she then thought.

At dusk, she approached the boat wearing the fancy pirate disguise. Using a seductive spell and seeing the crew already began to be a bit drunk, she had no difficulty to make them invite her on board. After all the guests were on board, she served them all her concoction of vergrain and waited to see the the effect work. She just wanted to make a joke. Her aim was to steal the Captain's ring, undress guests, steal their clothes and flee using invisibility potions. But events took a dramatic turn. One of the guests had the bad idea to capture her in order to abuse her.

Miranda had no choice to drink a potion of invisibility. Then became enraged, the guy started throwing torches around hoping to reach her. This is how a powder keg caught fire and the fire gained throughout the ship. Won by madness caused by vergrain several killed each other while others died burned.

Miranda stared in horror while a great sadness came over her.

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