Just like in your everyday bread you'll find some mysterious ingredients such as E-176, E-230, E-360, etc., similar additives can be spotted here: UBG alpha, TIE v.2.1, L&G FG 1.3, VW (old forgotten stock), not to mention UB 0.98.4VIP itself.
Bon apetit :D

(I'm finally on my way to Kerro Radaunam. TesaPlus never warned me to bring along my Spiderman costume. Al is probably sitting in his armchair now, chuckling and saying to himself: "So you thought you're a tough bunch because you killed a daedra? Let's see how you endure powers of nature, harharhar (evil laugh)". Even traversing the first part of the trail is a dizzying feat. I set off early in the morning, now it's well past 2 p.m. and I'm again at the bottom having fallen down the ill-maintained wooden bridge for the third time in a row. Vicious ;P)

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