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Well, they both went to the Arcane University. The journey was long and tiring but they were hopeful. Hopes that quickly turned into a deep disappointment. Miranda was taken to a secret room for care while Morano received a sentence of life in prison for using his skills in necromancy. He learned he was never dead. The mage who hit him with a presumed mortal spell was none other than Mayhina. This spell kept him in a state of apparent death. But the spell was so powerful that his soul escaped. That is why everybody really believed that he was dead. After his sister came to give him a last salute, Mayhina kept the young man's body levitating above the university and
made him ​​invisible so that everybody believe in his disappearance. Mayhina was imprisoned in the Arcane University so her gardians can keep an eye on her activities. Morano was transported to the Imperial Prison.

When Miranda felt better, she visited him.

- Oh Morano, she said deeply saddened. I finally found you, but lost you again. This is atrocious. In addition, all Cyrodiil is in crisis.

- I have to pay for my mistakes. I accept that. I comfort myself by thinking that you shalt visit me and distract me from this idiot dark elf. But I must say it makes me laugh sometimes ...

- Sorry to interrupt you Morano but I met the Emperor in person. He walked here, so I can not stay long but I will come back soon.

Footsteps sounded.

- My sons are dead, murmured the Emperor's voice, I know.

Miranda discreetly withdrew.

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