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-= Gnome Wrangler 1.3 =-
by tapioks and weijiesen

Rumors abound of a clan of distinguished Garden Gnomes that have made their homes throughout the Mojave Wasteland, though none have ever been found. Those who have gone seeking the Gnomes have returned only with missing fingers and limbs, if at all. Do you have the cunning, intellect and skill to recover the coveted Gnomes of the Mojave? Are you... the Gnome Wrangler?

What's included?
- 10 unique Garden Gnomes with custom meshes, high-resolution textures and scripted visual effects! More to come...
- A Gnome with a 'hint' note to help you is located outside in Goodsprings... you can't miss it ;)
- Booby traps, puzzles and customized locations for each gnome, with new meshes, textures, structures, events and effects!
- An implicit challenge to FIND THEM ALL!

Install the package with Nexus Mod Manager, or manually by copying the enclosed Data folder into your game's root folder and activating the plugin with your mod manager of choice.
NOTE: In the current release, Alien Gnome is only available if you have the Wild Wasteland trait. This will be addressed in a future release soon.

- If you have non-spoiler questions or suggestions, please leave a comment in the Comments tab
- If you need help finding a particular Gnome, or have a question or suggestion that may include a spoiler, please PM tapioks or weijiesen

TAPIOKS: I fell in love with Bethesda's little Garden Gnome when I first stumbled upon one in the D.C. Wasteland of Fallout 3. When Fallout New Vegas came along, I decided to take a stab at learning how to create textures, and of that experience were born the Ojo Bueno and Poco Bueno texture packs. As a part of these projects, I had the opportunity to re-texture the Garden Gnome I had grown to adore... but I just couldn't stop there. I proceeded to develop a motley crew of unique and charsmatic Garden Gnomes of all sorts, from alien to pirate to Abraham Lincoln! Alas, I have very little GECK experience myself, so I did not know how to introduce my new clan of gnomes to the world aside from individual replacers for the 'vanilla' gnome.... I wanted them all in the game together... but how? With Skyrim suddenly drawing my attention, the gnomes quietly hibernated for months, wondering if they'd ever see the light of the Mojave sun...

... then I reached out to my old buddy weijiesen, notorious for mods like EVE FNV and the new AWOW - A World of Wacky.

Much to my delight, weiji also has a soft spot for our little wooden friends, and he dove into the project like a pool of chocolate pudding. The original idea was just to 'plop' the various gnomes throughout the Mojave and to call it a day... but no such thing would come to pass. Instead, fueled by some lively creative discussions we shared , weiji went to town. First, he pimped out each of the gnomes with mesh improvements, new accessories, new glowmaps and 100% unique scripted visual effects! In addition... the Gnomes are now scattered throughout the Mojave in locations that 'make some sense'... but beware: puzzles, booby traps and villains abound! Finding a gnome is one thing... acquiring it can be something else all together. Dare to collect them all!

We look forward to further development of the mod, including all new additional Gnomes, new rewards, new effects and more! Suggestions are welcome... :)

WEIJIESEN:: Hope all you people enjoy this. It was a lot of fun to create too. My first time to do 'level building' of any kind in GECK! (so go easy on me :P ) This is some of my best stuff to date ;) Falling leaves... fruit that drops and stays for a while... water lapping FX... new explosions... not to mention the fact that each gnome has some 'visual's of his own ;) This was a learning experience, i learned a lot about how to make new FX, especially static fx for environments! The leaves, water, and snow are ambient FX i never tried creating before. But they turned out well. So, take your time people, and look all around, because the areas are rife with visual goodness (as well as possible loot to uncover!)

Though there are some puzzles and boobytrap action abound, I think its suitable for a character of any level. (ofc the higher level and better armor means less chance of losing a bodypart...).

Lastly, and probably most importantly, I want to mention that there are in fact MORE THAN ONE WAY to 'solve' many of the puzzles! Sometimes you may want to try to rush in there, grab what you can, and dive to safety, other times using your weapon to shoot certain things may help you. Consider your options, try a few things, and have fun!

Also, just a reminder that while your cool screenshots are more certainly welcomed (and will likely earn you Kudos) that would be great if you can refrain from posting any pics that are too 'revealing', im not talking about Bikinis, those are welcome, im talking about SPOILERS! Pls no images that give too much away!

- For best results, it is recommended to enable Transparency Multisampling (or 'Adaptive' for ATI) in your GPU control panel. Alternately you can enable it in the FNV Launcher, but this can produce a noisy 'dithering' effect. Enabling Transparency Multisampling will ensure that the Holognome in this mod looks like an actual holographic gnome rather than a set of intersecting planes.

All work in this mod by tapioks and weijiesen. Many thanks to Bethesda, Obsidian, the Nexus and the community for making this all possible!

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