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Name: Signature Armor
Author: CyberSpyder
Version: 1.3
Date: 09/10/2011
Category: Gameplay...?


Are you tired of the effort of finding and putting on better armor than the stuff you're already wearing? Sick of having to choose between combat effectiveness and pretty pretty dress-up? Well, friend, your long nightmare is over. Thanks to the fine folks at General Electric, with a grant from ConHugeCo, you can now select a particular outfit (or lack thereof, if you're feeling saucy), and allow it to level up with you, becoming more effective the longer you wear it!

By giving up a scant 10% of your earned experience, you can choose a particular outfit (body slot) as your Signature Armor - thereafter, any experience earned while wearing that outfit will go towards leveling it up in one of the ability tracks listed below. Conversely, if you're not wearing it when you kill that dragon or rescue that prince, the experience won't count for the level - so make sure to stick with the duds!

Since the mod is intended more to make running around in pre-war businesswear viable than to turn power armor into Power Armor Of The Gods, the better the base armor (in terms of DT), the more expensive leveling will be, and each new level requires more XP to attain (I'll detail the full math below). The available ability tracks are listed here - with the exception of the Stealthy and Durable tracks, you receive only the listed benefit at each level, not the sum of the benefits.


Level 1: +20% Action Point Regen

Level 2: +50% Action Point Regen

Level 3: +100% Action Point Regen


Level 1: -25% Condition damage

Level 2: -50% Condition damage

Level 3: Repair the armor with junk (scrap metal, wonderglue, duct tape, detergent or abraxo cleaner)

Fortification: (medium or heavy armor only)

Level 1: -25% enemy crit chance
-10% limb damage

Level 2: -50% enemy crit chance
-25% limb damage

Level 3: -100% enemy crit chance
-50% limb damage

Hardened: (light armor only. yes i know the name is dumb. shh.)

Level 1: +3 DT

Level 2: +7 DT

Level 3: +12 DT


Level 1: Slowly heal up to 25% of your maximum health

Level 2: Slowly heal up to 50% of your maximum health

Level 3: Slowly heal up to 75% of your maximum health

Power Assist: (heavy armors only)

Level 1: +30 carry weight

Level 2: +60 carry weight

Level 3: +100 carry weight


Level 1: +15% radiation resistance

Level 2: +30% radiation resistance

Level 3: +50% radiation resistance


Level 1: +10% run speed

Level 2: +20% run speed

Level 3: +30% run speed

Stealthy: (medium or lighter only)

Level 1: +10 sneak skill

Level 2: +20% sneak speed

Level 3: Sneak skill bonus replaced by stealth field while sneaking


Level 1: +5% damage resistance

Level 2: +15% damage resistance

Level 3: +25% damage resistance

Usage is relatively simple. A few seconds after you start up a game with the mod in place, you should receive a :Signature Armor Settings: book under the Aid section of your inventory. Click it to access controls - when you have no signature armor set, your only choice is to set your currently-equipped armor as your signature. When you do have one, you'll be able to see statistics of armor level and XP to your next level, as well as your armor's current abilities. Do note that every worn item except the main piece of armor you're wearing will be unequipped when you set it as your signature, so put them back on afterward. Or don't. Up to you!

Math stuff:
The base XP cost to level is 200, to which a multiplier is applied based on the DT of the armor. For a DT of 0, the multiplier of 1; if the DT is greater than 0, it adds the DT/25 to that multiplier. So T-51b power armor, with a DT of 25, has a base XP cost to level of 400, and leather armor, with a DT of 6, has a base XP cost to level of 248.

Each new level requires total XP equal to the base cost times the current level - so getting T51-b power armor from level 5 to level 6 would take 5 * 400 = 2000 XP.


The mod requires the New Vegas Script Extender! Get it!