On the move - the Ashlander Tent Deluxe remod by Serenity Aragon Gaius Atrius
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On the move – the Ashlander Tent Deluxe remod

Have yourself your very own (portable) nomadic yurt! Look for Vytrix in Seyda Neen, Arrille's Tradehouse to buy it & hear his story. Please note that this version is not really faithful to the original, a lot of content was cut out (see readme for explanation).

What's new:

- It is much easier to access the tent.
- More cozy, lived-in look.
- Every nook and cranny of the tent is lavishly detailed.
- Lots of new vanilla-friendly models.
- All containers have sounds.
- Many new interesting statics and effects.
- Removed expansion "wing" of the tent.
- Removed old quest and all associated objects.

Compatibility & Technical issues:

  • The tent doesn’t work in areas which are located too far from Vvardenfell (This includes most of Tamriel Rebuilt). You can pitch it and take it, and go inside, but upon exiting the script fails to correctly place you on your camp site. Solstheim (and its overhauled versions) works ok. If you play OpenMW you can use the tent everywhere.
  • Other than that, the mod is very compatible with everything. It modifies Seyda Neen a little, but possibility for
  • conflict is very small. Tested on my huge Morrowind setup (~220 mods), works without a hitch.
  • Compatible with any version (including NoM SO by Abot) of Necessities of Morrowind - use "On the move_nom.esp".
  • Your tent may look differently from mine depending on the replacers you use.
  • Incompatible with any other versions of “Ashlander Tent”.
  • If playing with NoM, I highly recommend to choose the option “fires don’t hurt” at NoM setup, otherwise you may be annoyed by being constantly hit by flames inside your tent.
  • Companions can’t enter the tent. As a workaround, I suggest using mods that let you summon companions to your current location with a spell, like Mellian's Teleport Mod.
  • If you’re using Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul, the music played from music box may be randomly interrupted.

For detailed info, please consult the readme.

Special features:

Music box – lets you play mp3 files of your choosing. I’ve made a pack containing mp3 files which I felt were fitting and interesting – this is an optional download at Nexus, not included into the main archive.

Travel map of Vvardenfell – helpful for newbies and even some vets, actually. Also shows important landmarks.

Urns for ingredients – these will take all vanilla ingredients from your inventory and store them. Activate small crystals on top of them to use. Larger urn will take Morrowind ingredients, smaller – the ones added by Tribunal and Bloodmoon.

Bandages – for quick healing at low levels. It will patch you up for 5 hp every time you use it. I’ve intentionally made the effect very weak to prevent abuse. It isn’t supposed to restore all your health bar.

Journal – that’s right, this is your journal!

Mannequin – for convenient display of your armor. I modified Cali’s script so you can’t accidentally pick it up.

Barabus’ clock – I’m sure you will love this magnificent artefact, just like I do. It’s in the chest near the mannequin.

MAO addon - you can hear the subdued sounds of rain, or a blizzard, or an ashstorm while in the tent. If you don't use Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul (which I highly recommend), I suggest Kirel's Interior Weather instead.

Four additional texture replacers to change the look of the tent. These won’t change anything else in the game, and can be easily swapped.



- Made a version for OpenMW (no mannequin, no day/night lighting script).
- Included alternative tent textures by Texture Freak. You can easily swap them and revert back to Vanilla without any fiddling. Existing Ashlander camps are not affected.
- Added interesting armor stand which serves as a container. Point at shield part to access (wasn’t able to make it easier to use).
- Added great Vvardenfell map by Mike Wagner (at least he was the original artist, the variant I’ve used might be somebody else’s work). Activate it to see a diagram of travel routes and landmarks made by ManaUser (from Map Deluxe mod).
- Lots of tweaking and resizing. Added more clutter and containers, some new models, replaced other things. I generally tried to give the tent exploration theme.


- A couple of more custom objects, new fancy container for weapons.
- Made addon for use with Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul, to add interior weather sounds to the tent. You can probably use it with previous versions of the mod.
- The size of interior is back to original. Interior/exterior ratio is still not 1:1, though (and I am not going to shrink it any further).
- Removed all edits in Seyda Neen exterior. I left two small details which I thought were really fitting.
- Vytrix (the tent-seller) was relocated to Arrille’s Tradehouse. I’ve carefully checked his dialogue and fixed some grammatical mistakes. He now unceremoniously disappears right after you’ve finished talking to him – I thought that using a global variable for disabling a single NPC was too wasteful, and I don’t want to use journal.
- Readjusted and resized everything inside the tent to fit new interior size.


- Written more lines for Vytrix, cleaned dialogue with Enchanted Editor. You are now properly charged for buying the tent, instead of receiving it for free.
- Made version with female mannequin. You can no longer pick a mannequin up (because there is no use in relocating it, as there is not enough space).
- Re-textured music box and a table.
- Some minor rearrangements, tweaked lighting.


Cleaned the file with TesTool (yup, totally forgot about that. Remember, folks, always CLEAN the mods you're playing with).

0.95 - Initial release

Have fun with it!