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Spanning the heartland of Markarth County, the Vorndgad Forest is a lush, rugged landscape hiding countless secrets and untold perils beneath its virgin canopy. Fearsome beasts stalk the forest floor and ravines that carve out the famous mesas of the Reach. The settlement of Karthgad is the only bastion of civilization in the midst of this untamed wilderness. Thane Grondyrd holds an uneven sway over his village, his authority constantly checked by the fierce and defiant Bear Clan. Those brave enough to stray off the beaten path might find a warmer welcome at the secluded hunting village in the heart of the forest or at a friendly camp of Orcs pitched atop a soaring mesa.

The Vorndgad Forest is calling for you. Do you have the courage to enter?

The Skyrim: Home of the Nords Team are proud to present the first release in our efforts at bringing the province of Skyrim to the world of TESIII: Morrowind. It represents the work of many talented modders over the past few years and includes the following features:

48 exterior cells of meticulously detailed wilderness
31 interior cells, ranging from spikeworm-infested caves to a Nord-infested mead hall.
52 non-hostile NPCs, each with snippets of unique dialogue that flesh out their personalities.
1 fully-fledged settlement and 2 mini-settlements to visit
3 new creatures introduced to the Vorndgad Forest
4 new sets of armor to collect in-game
7 new books and documents that flesh out the lore of Skyrim.
20 “Skyrim lore” dialogue topics composed by our lore experts.