Green Omnistat Tunnels
Less Hints
Removes certain UI and in-world hints.
Faith Tron Legacy
Lighting Overhaul for Better Skies
Drastically changes lighting in Catalyst
Fast Billboard Hacks (No 3rd Person)
Speeds up the billboard hack process by removing the 3rd person cutscene.
Better Billboards - Complete Version
The complete billboards overhaul! Changes the look of almost all static billboards in Glass.
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  • added 2 weeks ago

    We're Hiring: UI Designer/Front End Developer Position

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    We're looking for a UI Designer/front end developer to join our team at our office in Exeter, UK. The ideal candidate will be multi skilled with experience working with HTML/CSS/JS for both websites and desktop applications.

    Your primary short term role will be to help design and shape our new desktop application "Vortex" which is replacing the Nexus Mod Manager. This application uses Electron, so the front end is rendered in HTML/CSS/JS.

    In the long term, you'll be the major creative driving force behind the UX and UI of both Vortex and the Nexus Mods website, shaping how both the site and app ...(continue reading the full article)
  • added 1 month ago

    Mod Spotlight: Frosty Tool Suite

    posted by TerrorFox1234 Feature

    Frosty Tool Suite

    The Frostbite Engine is one of the most powerful game engines around, and the backbone of many of the most popular games. Unless you only play indie games, you've likely played a game running on the Frostbite Engine. Up until recently, however, modding Frostbite Engine games was a daunting task (and by daunting I mean near-impossible).

    When GalaxyMan2015 (known as Ehamloptiran here on Nexus Mods) couldn't find the tools to dig into the Frostbite Engine, he built his own. Enter "Frosty Tool Suite", a tool that has opened new doors for modding Mass Effect: Andromeda, Mirror's Edg ...(continue reading the full article)

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